3.0 Chronology of Major Events in this Period

1760 - 1820 - The reign of George III

1765 - Stamp Act; Stamp Act Congress Meets in New York; Quartering


1766 - Stamp Act Repealed by Parliament; Quartering Act.

1767 - Townshend Duties Passed; Dickinson’s Letters From a Farmer in Pennsylvania published.

1768 - British Troops sent to Boston.

1770 - Townshend Duties Repealed; Except for Duty on Tea; Boston Massacre.

1772 - The Gaspee Affair.

1773 - Tea Act Imposed; Boston Tea Party.

1774 - Coercive or Intolerable Acts; Continental Congress Meets in Philadelphia.

1775 - Battles of Leton and Concord; second continental Congress

meets at Philadelphia;

George Washington appointed Commander-in-Chief of the

Continental Army;

Battle of Bunker Hill.

1776 - Thomas Paine’s Common Sense; Declaration of Independence;

1777 - Articles of Confederation adopted by the Congress, but not ratified by all States until 1781.

1778 - U.S. concludes Military Alliance and Commercial Treaty with France.

1781 - Cornwallis surrenders to Washington at York Town, Virginia.

1783 - Treaty of Paris signed with Britain.

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