In the novel, Of Mice and Men written by John Steinbeck, going towardsthe end of the sixth chapter, it reveals the true feelings of George s towards Lennie s. It alsoleave us , questioning ourselves, was the decision, made by George, the best decision he couldhave made? George s decision wasn t the best decision he could ve made, and he had no rightin playing the part of being God, but he did what he had to, and reassuring himself that Lennie isdead, George knew that Lennie wouldn t get into trouble again. George knew, under all circumstances, what he had to do at that moment in time, and inthat moment in time it was to end Lennie s life. When George had made that decision, it musthave been the hardest decision he ever made in his life, and that was to take Lennie s life.George probably knew that he had to make that decision, because if he didn t Curley and hismen would have gone after Lennie, who knows what might have been done to him.. George wasforeshadowing what was going to happen to Lennie if he had been caught by Curley and hismen, so he had to do away with Lennie before Curley could have done it. So by ending the life ofLennie s, George is certained that Lennie cannot be found by Curley or even his men, and thatLennie is in a safer place where no one can hurt him because just because of his disability. In other ways, the decision made by George, wasn t the best decision. Lennie could havehad so much more in life. For instance, take the dream that they were trying to achieve. Lennie


was going to live on a farm, taking care of rabbits, by this dream, if it came true, it could havebeen Lennie s life. But with that decision, George had destroyed it. George made Lennie sdreams go down the drain. George had no right to play God, in that matter, to take Lennie s life.George could have ran away, just they like they did before, and Lennie could have had a secondchance in life again But with the final decision made by George, Lennie never had the chance tofulfill his life, or even his dreams. Someway or somehow, George s decision was going to affect his life. In ways of nothaving to take care of someone, not having a companion by his side, but most of all, not havinghis best friend. George s decision wasn t the best decision considered, but he knew that if lifewent on with Lennie, history would just repeat itself again, not having a peaceful life, It s true,George didn t have the right to take Lennie s life, but from his prospective, it was a spontaneousaction for that moment in time that had to be taken care of. He also knew that playing God hadto be, although it was wrong because it s just repeating history again, George didn t wantanymore more deaths. There could have been many decisions George could have made, but it was probably thetiming, it wasn t sufficiently provided, so he did what he had to do at that moment in time.Although it wasn t the best decision, and playing God wasn t the right act, George is nowreassured and eased that Curley himself, his men, or anyone out there couldn t touch, or even fora moment, hurt Lennie again.

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