Of Mice and Men

Companionship and loneliness are two things that

everyone feels at one time or another. Of Mice and Men by,

John Steinbeck was the book with this theme. Lennie needed

George as a companion to keep him out of trouble. George

without Lennie would be a lot better off. Curley's wife with

a companion would be better off in her struggle in life.

Companionship is needed when in trouble and could be

useful in everyday life.

Lennie is a character who needs a companion in order

to survive. When Lennie has George, he is able to work

without anyone taking advantage of him. George guides Lennie

and often finds hard to keep him on track. If Lennie was

without a companion he would probably be put in jail due to

his actions. Lennie needs George so he can share a dream

with him. Steinbeck said, "In a panic, Lennie looked at George

for help. "He can do anything you tell him," said George. (Pg.22)

George's life was probably worsened because he had

Lennie as a companion. With Lennie around George had a

hard time getting girls and keeping a job. Lennie would get

into trouble and force them out of town. George without

Lennie would be better off. George is able to hold his own

without someone to share his thoughts with or to guide him.

Steinbeck said "But he gets in trouble alla time because he's

so God damn dumb. (Pg. 41)

Curley's wife is a character in the novel that is really

affected by being lonely. She is the only girl and nobody

wants to talk to her because Curley would beat them up. She

is really suffering from this. Curley's wife has a musical

talent because nobody wants to hear her talk or none the less

sing. She would be a lot better off with a companion.

Steinbeck says, "Why can't I talk to you? I never get to talk

to anybody. I get awful lonely. (Pg. 86)

Myself as do most other people need a companion in life. I often need an older and wiser person to guide me through difficult situations. Although in some cases I might be able to get the certain cases by myself without help. A companion is always useful but being there all of the time could be irritating that is why you have a companion for when you need them but you should also be fine by yourself. Lennie and Curley's wife would benefit from having a companion but George would be better off by himself.

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