The book Of Mice and Men is about two men who travel and work together. It takes place during the depression in the 1920's. George Milton is like a father figure to Lennie Small. Lennie is about as old as George, but he is mentally challenged and slow. George started taking care of Lennie after his Aunt Clara passed away. George and Lennie have a hard time getting a job and keeping it because Lennie always got in trouble. In the beginning of the book George and Lennie are going to their new job. George and Lennie always had a dream of getting their own place and "living of the fatta the land." At their new work place George tells a couple people about the land they want to get, and their dream almost becomes a reality. Their bosses son, Curly, has a problem with Lennie. Curly's wife is a trollop and flirts with the workers for attention. Her husband is a small man always trying to prove himself. Lennie was my favorite character because he was just like a 6 year old. He wouldn't hurt anyone intentionally, and you felt sorry for him because he would always mess up and couldn't help it. Most of the characters in the book were attracted to Lennie because he was someone to talk to who wouldn t blab their secrets. I personally liked the way that this book was written. There is a lot of symbolism in this book. There is also foreshadowing for many situations. All the characters represent part of society. Through this you can learn many things about how people treat one another and how most people in society really only care about them. For example, in the book everyone thinks that George is getting something out of having Lennie work with him because they don't understand that George feels responsible for Lennie and feels he needs to look out for his best interests. There are many themes that run through this book. It's about friendship, happiness, and jealousy.

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