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Prejudice is shown in the novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn in

many different ways. In many people eyes Huck Finn can be seen as an

allegory for why slavery is wrong. Slavery is a strong example of prejudice in

the book. Throughout this novel the theme of prejudice was shown

redundantly, and in a various type of ways. Possibly the most obvious was

Mark Twain s use of Jim.

Jim was one of the main character who showed the human side of

being a slave. Everything that we learn about Jim was through his feelings.

He runs away because Miss Watson was going to sell him South, and

separate him from his family. Jim also thinks that if he becomes free that he

can buy his families freedom. Thus showing the satiristic side of prejudice in

Mark Twain s novel.

Twain also wants the reader to feel sympathy for Jim and outraged

against society by letting Jim take care of Huck and protect him on their

journey. But this was pushed into the background throughout most of the

novel. Making the reading think that Twain is attacking slavery and passing0.

across the message that it is wrong at the same time. This is portrayed by the

issue of slavery never being discussed between Huck and Jim.

The reader must also notice the other slaves in the story. Although they

are very minor characters we learn small facts that foreshadow the events that

occur later on. But nothing throughout this tale can be seen as indication of

the conclusion. At the end the central conflict concerning the issue of

prejudice arouse. The internal conflict Huck had to deal with was should he

free Jim from slavery and be condemned to hell?

This decision is life altering for Huck. He must reject everything that

civilization has taught him. His judgment showed that he was a good person

at heart. It also indicates that he has grown to like Jim as a person. His

decision was to free Jim, he based this on mainly on his own experiences and

not on what he has been taught in the books. This shows that throughout the

book Twain introduces many themes, but the strongest would have to be the

prejudice. During the novel all theses elements affect the reader by showing

the hardship that blacks went through in the early days. It also shows that if

we think for ourselves and not listen to society we can make decisions that

will improve our world around us.


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