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Based on southern fears as expressed in 1860, and the realities of military reconstruction, the secession of southern states is clearly justified. This seems to be true because of northern aggression in 1860, unnecessary military rule in the south, and violations of southern constitutional rights. In 1860, before the Civil War, the actions of northern states placed a sense of fear in the south. The southern economy was extremely dependent on slavery, expressly for the production of cotton and all over care for the crops of southern plantations. A few radicals of the north were strongly against slavery and anyone who had anything to do with this "evil". Beneficial slave laws were passed in the south, and those northern radicals openly defied these laws, rightfully causing the southern states to grow angry. Furthermore, as stated in the Mississippi Resolutions on Secession, "the north has encouraged and enticed slaves to run away and has undermined the authority of the slave owners." The north went as far as to send the military into the south to try and push their cause. This unnecessary military rule plagued the south with worry, concern, and hatred toward the north. Before there was any great cause for concern, the north sent their military into the south. They blockaded economically dependent southern ports, for seemingly no acceptable reason. The northern army also tried to control slavery conditions to the greatest of their ability. Slavery-this way of life for the south-was exactly that. It was crucial to their economy and they knew little other ways to stabily support themselves. This northern invasion frightened the south, threatened its economy, and pushed a great hatred toward the north into the hearts and minds of the south.

Because the north was trying to "do everything in its power to abolish slavery," the south thrusted their constitutional rights upon the north. In the document of the Mississippi Resolutions on Secession, the southern states claim that the practice of slavery materialized long before the formation of the country, and therefore any attempts to try and abolish slavery, by any party, is in violation of the compact of the Union. Clearly, here, the north is at fault. The document also states that the Union was formed with the intention of providing protection for each state, by each state. Again, the north is in violation of this compact, seeing as how they were in attempts to end that which caused the southern economy to flourish. Southern fears in 1860 were assuredly taking shape. Northern aggression, its uncalled for military rule, and its violations of those rights expressed to the south in the Constitution, are clear assurances of that. With such opposition toward the south, why should they want to remain under such a compact? It seemed to the south that the only way they could resolve their conflicts with the north was to secede altogether and flourish as their own independent nation. This decision was well thought out and has clearly here been justified.


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