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“Does white mean you are good”?

Slavery in the Deep South was a controversial issue around 1840 in the United States. There were plantation owners who’s success depended on slaves many people in the south-owned slaves; it was considered a part of society. Furthermore, plantation owners, owned sometimes hundreds, many families were split apart, and lifetime relationships were broken. It is in this setting when Mark Twain wrote the novel Huckleberry Finn. The slavery controversy is a central theme in the novel.

One of the main characters in the novel is named Jim; he is a slave working on miss Watson’s farm. One night he is gazing at the stars and Tom sawyer and Huck Finn, decide to play a trick on him. Jim nods off and the boys place his hat in a tree. This is an example of how Tom and Huck think Jim is less of a man because of the color of his skin

Also they do not respect him, and they can’t bring to apologize to a slave. A slave was not considered a person, but a piece of property. Towards the middle of the novel huck and Jim decide to escape. They both meet up on an island; called Jackson’s Island on the Mississippi river they find a cave to stay in for a wile. Huck finds a rattlesnake there and decides to kill it. Not knowing that it will come back and bite Jim in the arm. This time huck felt bad, but could not bring himself that low to say sorry to a black man.

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