Slavery In The Usa Term Paper

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· Douglas hoped that northerners opposing his bill would quiet down after the bill was settled, but they became more furious

· Antislavery critics wanted to prevent slavery from gaining a foothold in Kansas

à Massachusetts Emigrant Aid Company was found to help emigrants to settle down in Kansas à hundreds of settlers moved to Kansas

· Alarmed proslavery groups also started to go to Kansas

· When a territorial legislature was elected in March 1855 over 6000 votes were counted

· ~ 5000 of these votes were illegal because most Missourians who voted were not residents àlarge number of men who had been elected were proslavery

à a law was quickly passed authorizing slavery in Kansas!

à even death penalty was passed for people helping slaves to escape

· Kansans refused to accept the new legislature and set up an own government at the town of Topeka

à fighting between these two governments broke out à weapons from the East were sent to Kansans

· Tension between these two parties started to explode when in November 1855 a Kansan were killed by a proslavery man

· On May 21st, Sheriff Jones, a proslavery, and a proslavery army marched into Lawrence and destroyed two printing presses and burned down several buildings

· A few days later John Brown and seven other men, took revenge and massacred five people (they split open their skulls and cut off some of their hands)

As a result civil war in Kansas broke out

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