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Frederick Douglass was a successful black leader who changed America s view of slavery and he had many achievements throughout his life X |(thesis). By giving many speeches Frederick Douglass caught the hearts of many people who agreed with his views. Frederick Douglass began to lecture about the evils of slavery in 1841. Frederick Douglass was the only man who took part in a woman s rights advocate. One way he changed America s view of slavery by marrying a white woman to try to break racism. Another thing in which he fought was that of beer and other alcohol in some of his important speeches in that time. Douglass also reached people by writing books such as his autobiography The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass.

Frederick Douglass was born a slave on the Eastern Shore of Maryland in 1818 (1). Frederick Douglass hardly knew his mother because he was a slave and he even knew less about his father (2). While he was growing up as a slave his master would starve him to the point in order to survive he would have to fight for scraps of food such as bones and meat fat with his masters dog (3).

Frederick Douglass gave many lectures about slavery and that is one of the main reasons why he had changed the views of what America thinks about slavery. One of his first speeches was in Nantucket Island, Massachusetts, with an audience of white people (4). Later on William Lloyd Garrison had hired him as a full time lecturer for the Massachusetts anti-slavery Society (5). One of Frederick Douglass s arguments was with the brilliant Henry Highland Garnett. Henry Garnett wanted to overthrow the slave system and Frederick opposed the statement because he said that the slaves would be crushed because many of the slaves will have no where to go. Many of the people voted Garnett down because Frederick Douglass had a logical explanation (6). Frederick Douglass had also spoken in some Women s rights movements.

Frederick Douglass was the only man who took a forthright position at a women s rights assembly. The assembly was the first major assembly of women s rights advocates at Seneca Falls, New York in 1848. This position, he maintained over a period of decades. His support for woman suffrage paved the way for his interest in the liberal party (7). Some time later William Lloyd Garrison advocated admitting women on an equal basis with men to the Massachusetts anti-slavery society. The reason for this was because Frederick Douglass helped women along with men about slavery and equality.

One of the ways he tried to break the racism barrier is by marrying a white women. Two years after his wife Anna Douglass died, he married a forty-five year old white woman named Helen Pitt s (8). Frederick Douglass considered this marriage to the white women a blow against racism. He showed a demonstration of the possibilities for racial harmony in the nation (9). The marriage of the white women broke many barriers around that time, because the way it worked back then was you could only marry the same race. So whites would marry whites and blacks would marry blacks. The marriage showed it wasn t wrong to love and marry someone of the opposite race whether you are white or black. What he was trying to do by marrying the white women is trying to break racism.

During that time he fought the drinking of beer and alcohol. In some of his speeches he fought this because he knew what the slave owners would do because he has seen the effects first hand. The reason he opposed the consumption of beer and other alcohol is because he knew that it would ultimately lead to terrible crime and poverty (10). He addressed the issue of beer and alcohol in 1852 at the New York Temperance convention in Rochester New York. The reason he addressed this topic is because he knew slave owners would give their slave beer and alcohol to control them. He had seen Slave owners supply liquor and other alcohol to slaves in order to control the slave s behavior(11). Frederick Douglass stated that it is one of the grossest frauds committed upon the downtrodden slave. Douglass was sickened by this act and that is why he spoke about it in one of his speeches. This is just one of the many speeches in which Frederick Douglass gave.

Frederick Douglass also made his point out by the books he wrote such as his auto- biography The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass (12). The book was a book about his life, which showed of the triumph of dignity, courage, and self-reliance over the evils of the brutal, degrating slave system (13). His biography immediately became a best seller so that must have meant he had reached many people.

Frederick Douglass was a brilliant successful black leader who had changed America s view of the way they saw slavery. Frederick Douglass also had reached many people throughout his life mainly by speeches and through his writings. Frederick Douglass started to give lectures and speeches at around the year of 1841. Douglass was on of the only men who gave lectures at early women rights assemblies. He also changed the way people think about interracial marriages because he himself married a white woman two years after his other wife s death. He fought against slave owners giving their slaves beer and alcohol because of the effects after you drink it. Frederick Douglass reached people through his writings such as his autobiography the Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass . This man is a true here who fought for peoples freedom and not only himself. He was one of the few who cared not only about himself but others feeling and freedom as well.


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