Uncle Tom's Cabin Term Paper

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Uncle Tom?s Cabin can be described very well as an

emotional piece of literature. There are many works that

we have read so far this year that you read and have no

feelings about, but this is not one of them. It is very

clear to see that Harriet Beecher Stowe put a lot of energy

and emotion into writing this story. ?In writing Uncle

Tom?s Cabin Stowe took the most sacred beliefs of her

culture- the sanctity of the family and redemption through

Christian love- and turned them into an attack on the evils

of slavery.? p2308 The fact that her first title was The

Man Who was a Thing shows very strongly her views on

slavery. None of us reading this know or have any idea what

it is like to be a slave, so I think reading this can put a

lot into perspective. I especially believe that it is very

important to look at the way that she wrote these stories.

I say, these stories, because the fact that she wrote two

stories into the one is very significant. We see Uncle Tom

being sold to a very harsh owner, but still being devout in

his beliefs and holding tight to God even when things look

terrible. He continued to read his bible, and he never

allowed the rough times to bring him down. In the end Tom

was killed, and because of the description that we get of

him the whole way through, this is very sad to us, however,

we consider Tom to be a hero for putting up for what he had

to. The other story that is being told at the same time is

also very important. While seeing the terrible things

happen to Tom, we believe that there is still hope. We see

two other slaves who have been able to escape from their

owner. While escaping, they meet up with George Harris.

The eventually make it to a Quaker Settlement, and they

proceed to help the slaves escape to Canada. This is a

more hopeful look at slavery and the fact that there are

slaves who can get out of the horror. Therefore, and

especially in my mind, George can bee seen as hero for

braving the odds and helping to free himself and his


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