The Founding Fathers And Slavery Term Paper

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During the revolutionary period the founding fathers did several things that

effected slavery. These effects were stemmed from both the good and bad sides of

the issue. On the good side of the spectrum during the drafting of the Constitution

only a few of the founding fathers felt that slavery was necessary for the survival of

the colonies according to William Freehling. On the other side of this the founding

father Jefferson knew that free blacks and whites could live together and he himself

felt that blacks were intellectually inferior to whites. These racist thought made it

seem logical for the abolition of slavery to be a slower process a better idea even if

the not Christian like to enslave other people. The founding fathers wished to bring

the colonies together even though the issue of slavery was really causing a break in

the colonies. Even though the Constitution allow for the abolition of slavery . This

was not so until a specified time after the Constitution was drawn up and signed.

This time period allotted for more slaves and black descendants to suffer under he

rules of slavery. Even after the Constitution was ratified slavery still found a place

and ways to grow. It wasn t until the Northwest Ordinance that slavery was finally

found illegal in upper western territories. This was until 3 years after Jefferson

drafted the congressional ordinance making slavery illegal.

After this point slavery became an issue with in the states and territories

themselves. For instance in Indiana part of the territory split off due its strong favor

of slavery. This action began to put the issue of statehood in jeopardy. After

statehood was secured a great supported of the antislavery movement became

governor of Indiana by a slim amount of votes and began the abolition of slavery in

that state.

With Constitution the one thing that the founding fathers were able to do was

to stop the slave trade. By doing this the founding fathers were able to hurt the

states that depended on slavery the most for their survival. This abolition of the

slave trade began in the Declaration of Independence. Even though this did not

directly stop slavery it did help southern states to begin to free their slaves. In

Virginia required free blacks to leave the state within a one year period. Even

though Jefferson attempted to do something about slavery he knew that it wasn t

enough and it was just fueling the fire for the civil war.

In looking at the facts the founding fathers clearly let their own prejudices get in

the way of them truly attempting to abolish slavery. Even Jefferson who had good

intentions at heart let his own beliefs about blacks stop him from freeing his own

slaves and the causing the freedom of slaves to be done by others after a twenty

year period. It is clear that in an attempted to help the country and abolish slavery

the founding father truly hurt the colonies and started what would soon become the

civil war.

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