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Slavery played a distinctive role in the difference

of society between the South and the North. The two parts

of one Union were very different in views on slavery.

Slavery defined the essential quality of the South. Slavery

made the South very different from the North educationally,

morally, and politically. The North was celebrating a new

era of liberty while the South was contrasting it by the

policy of slavery.

While modernization was reaping its benefits in the

north the south was very much behind in the era of

improvements. The North was adapting to the industrial

revolution, while the South was continuing to cultivate land

and remain rural. Less than ten percent of Southerners

lived in towns with at least twenty five hundred people.

This lead to the absence of public education and railroad

construction.(Microsoft Encarta) Slaves were not given the

right to an education in fear that they might learn and form

new ideas against their owners. There were many states that

had laws against their schooling. A large majority of them

were totally illiterate. The terms of the "American Dream"

did not apply to the slaves.

Slaves in the south had no civil or political rights

besides protection from murder and unusual punishment.

Slave marriages were not even recognized. Savage beatings

and lashes from whips were common treatment used on slaves.

Slavery was intolerably degrading while robbing humans of

their right to independence. Just as the United States had

fought to gain independence it found itself heading in two

different directions. The North was starting an era of

liberty and equality while the South was taking two steps

backwards as it instituted slavery.

The South was also making itself different from the

North politically as ministers, politicians, newspaper

editors, and authors were all in favor of slavery.(Microsoft

Encarta) Such politically high people were trying to make

slavery sound correct by discussing the fact that slaves

were only black. Other issues that defended slavery were

economic reasons and the belief that this was the way God

wanted it.(Microsoft Encarta) As the abolitionists

questioned the act of slavery, the southerners became

embarrassed and became hostile. Southern postmasters were

ordered to burn all mail that contained abolitionist


The south could not have abolished slavery on its

own as the North did. The South s economy was to heavily

based on the production of cotton. The abolishment of

slavery would have deadened the economy severely. England

and the North depended on the South producing cotton. It

was a way of life in the south to have slaves. Even

ministers and priests found nothing wrong with the policy.

Ministers preached that this was the will of God, and we

were following out his orders.(Microsoft Encarta)


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