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Kareem A. Williams


"Reasons and Results of the Civil War"


The Civil War was a very critical event in American History. It started by many disagreements between the North and the South. For blacks as for other Americans, the Civil War was a strong voice preaching the needs for devotion and allegiance to form a justified nation. After the war ended there were many results that would forever linger throughout America and the world.

The South was known as the Confederate States of America, seceded from the North, which was known as the Union. The seceding of the South was because of four decades of intense sectional differences and conflicts between both South and North. The secession of the Southern states was not an instinctive act. Situations arrived which dug deeper and deeper and secession was inevitable. Northerners wanted profound economic, social, and political change and the South was thriving for an independent nation. Their views on life counteracted those views from the North. The South had a number of reasons which uncut their ties to the North, but the main reason being the North's view on slavery. The North favored a loose outlook of the U.S. Constitution. They wanted to increase government powers and technological improvement such as rebuilt roads, railroads, and canals all sponsored by the government. On the other hand the South wanted to withhold all undetermined powers to the individual states and to withhold all these projects. The predominant issue why the South seceded was the slavery issue. The South wanted and called for slavery and would do anything they could to keep it. Cold-heartedly the slaves were items and if taken away would put a huge dent in investments towards Southerners. The value to the slaveholding planter class was immeasurable.

Northerners demanded for collective bargaining to develop goals such as free education, better salaries and working conditions for workers, and better rights for woman. Northerners said that slavery revoked the rights of a human to be a free person. The subject of slavery left, and the North headed for war and eventually defeated the South in the Civil War. Without this war I sorely would have to say that we could have been in a much more segregated society than we already are. This war was needed in order to produce a stronger and more stable country for everyone.

Slavery was abolished in the Union during Abraham Lincoln's presidency. Lincoln called it Emancipation Proclamation. This movement was definitely a day of awakening for America as a whole, which finally realized what "free" meant. All the Southern states would soon rejoin the Union.

After the war concluded there were many events that would forever affect America and the world. All the states were a Union, no longer fighting amongst themselves. Other countries finally recognized the United States as an individual country and later would view America as a World Power.

It is truly hard to believe that this entire act of slavery was around, but since it's in our textbook it has to be true. Slavery was the central element of the conflict between the North and South. Just think there would be no war if there were no slavery. But this act of disloyalty is what kept the South running. There were other problems that induced the secession of the States but none greater than the slavery issue. By the Northerners rebelling and taking a stand against the South, I believe this began a progression of bigger and better things to that the U.S. has discovered and has yet to discover.

Thousands of Americans lost their lives in their home country over a difference in opinion. The Civil War had solved some old problems for the United States. But it created some new problems as well. Even though both the South and the North enjoy great prosperity, disaster struck a new country and tarnished it infinitely. Hardships of the North and the South have strengthened and have made America a stronger nation. Gladly to say many of the problems created by the Civil War have been solved. I said many and not all because there is still a long road ahead of America to educate the young that there is no color and what happened in the past is in the past.

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