China's destiny China with its population exceeding 1.2 billion of the world total population, is the most populous country in the world. In order to raise peoples standard of living, the Chinese government, first had to recognize its problem. The following paragraphs discuss and illustrate family planning programs(One child policy), its population aging, and the economy. China set upgrading its population quality as a policy. Over the past few decades it has shown to be quite effective. growth rate has respectively dropped 17.7 per thousand and 11.2 per thousand in 1994 from 33.43 per thousand and 25.83 per thousand in 1970. Although "After a decade of rigidly enforcing their one-child-per-family policy, Chinese as officials fear they may be rearing a new generation of spoiled , temper mental and unsociable socialists."(Goodspeed). Chinese children are becoming very selfish and attention oriented kids. China's family planning policy consists of the following: Late marriage and late childbearing, better and fewer births are strongly recommended; a single child family is encouraged and rural couples who want more then one baby are encouraged to separate there births by four years. China educates its people and its policies so hopefully the public can do these things voluntary. It also discourages abortion as a way of birth control although it allows it. Family planning is gradually being accepted The Chinese government's biggest attempt to slow the growth of population is the one-child policy. While the one-child policy is not completely liked, it effect the lives of all the countries citizens. The government states the policy is an attempt to "lower the population quantity while improving the quality." The public has created many ethical and moral questions concerning the population policy. An example of this is its concern over having sons and daughters. Female babies were being killed because they can have babies and a son was thought so be more of an asset. It is suggested that 60 million women are missing. Girls are being neglected are coined as society outcasts they're being considered un-equal to males yet everyone has a mother everyone comes from a women making them in a way superior. "Rapid economic changes in China are adversely affecting women by threatening their marriages and mental health through intense competition for jobs, say Chinese groups at the International Conference on Population and Development". (Cordahi) We see more divorces also help hotlines are being put up for help and advice for women. The basic format of China's one-child policy includes the idea of benefits for those who follow it and penalties for those who don't. If you follow the policy properly than the person would receive cash payments, preference in housing, and free schooling. If it is not followed there is a decline in salary, no increase in housing space, and more medical costs. The primary goal was to reduce population growth rate to 1% in 1980 from its start in 1979. It stated that one child per family

was allowed. There are exceptions like if u have a handicap child or need children to work. Most people don't like this policy but follow it. The elderly people of china take up ten percent of china's total population, making China the worlds largest aging country. This fact is the result of over the past decades, the rise of people's living standards and the improvement of medical conditions have caused a fall in the birth and death rates. While trying to control increase in total population, the Chinese government has paid attention to the serious problem of Chinese aging and has begun to solve a series of problems. These include social security and social welfare, and other problems about the number of old people in China. There are a series of problems pertaining to China's elderly. China will have to take on a long term task of solving the problems rising from the aging of population and improving the quality of life for the elderly. The huge base number of China's population of 1.2 billion has become an enormous problem for social and economic development. It is impossible for China to raise the birthrate to solve the problem of the aging of population. Based on China's current population status and the level of economic development, the Chinese government will give overall consideration to controlling population number and solving the problem of the aging of population. Considering the circumstances of China's huge population and irregularly large aging population, there only choice is to wait a while and then readjust the birthrate. Since the country of China is so big it is hard for the economy to be stable. With 21.4 percent of the worlds population but only 7.1 percent of the worlds land. For more than a decade, the economy has grown more than 9% each year. The economy is quickly moving towards private enterprise. In mid-1994, the inflation rate was at 20%. The economy is growing much to fast for pollution control programs to keep their pace. The Average per capita annual income rose from 235 yuan in 1970 to 2,200 in 1996. There are many new population control policies being created. Experts believe that there have been over 300million fewer Chinese births since the inception of population control policies in the early 1970's. It is very possible that in the near future people may run into difficulties relating to the environment and resource use even after successfully reducing population growth because of an unstable economy. The population is also becoming more urban, everyone is crowding into the cities. In conclusion "China's population of 1.26 remains an environmental time bomb. The population is rising even as birth rates decline. Meaning, while china is embracing cars, air conditioners and fast-food with an ozone-depletion vengeance." (Wong). Caution and morality is suggested as China races to save itself. China is in a very difficult situation and I believe there doing the best they can and have had mistakes but results as well with organization, unity and well thought idea's they can slow down the ticking time bomb. China's overpopulation problem is the biggest reason of why China is a third world country. Although the Chinese government is attempting to fix this problem, China's past of overpopulation is not making it easy for them.

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