Love and Marriage its an instution you cant dispear it it. Anyone could tell you that it is elementary. You cant have one with out an other. Love and marriage. This is one of my favorite quotes. It is actually token from a line of a Frank Sinatra song named Love and Marriage. The song is also a lead of to one of my all time favorite shows Married With Children . The show is driven by the husband and wife, Al and Peggy Bundy. Al and Peggy are complete opposites and prented to hate eachother on the show. It sure provides for some good comedy. The real problem with Al and Peggy is that they don t know how to communicate effectively with each other. Communication is the bear essiental of life and any relationship that wants longevity to it. Men and women need to realize to better communicate with each other they need to both understand how each feels and thinks.

Men and women are like cats and dogs. That statement holds true to the most part. Men and women are very different yet are alike on many levels. Men and women tend to think and feel different about life, love, and relationships. You take any guy and he could tell you a 100 things wrong about women. Take any girl and she could tell you a 1000 things wrong about a man. Yet what many people trying to build relationships is how alike both men and women are. There are usually two sides to every story. And the same goes for men and women. Lets use type A and B man and type A and B girl to start off. These are of course stereotypes and not every man and women is going to fall under group A or B category. Lets start with Type A girl.

Type A girl is the perfect example of a lady and acts like one in every way. Type A girl always uses her manners and is looking for the perfect prince to sweep her off her feet. Some of Type A s hobbies include shopping at the mall all day, sitting around the home watching soaps, and making sure she has the beauty supplies to keep her on the cutting edge of new trends. Type A girl may really be into the arts in one way or the other. Her idea of a romantic date may be a night at a symphony or a play at the downtown theater. Type A girl tends to usually have a little bit of a harder time spending money. She is not real powerful and would like the man to take control of things at all times. Type A girl wants to be pampered and take care of by a man willing to fulfill these duties.

Now there is the other side of the spectrem and that is type B girl. Type B girl is usually the Mans type of woman. She is a strong character and is very powerful on the impact that she will have on peoples lives. Type B girl is very down to earth and loves to be around the action of whats going on. Type B girl is not afraid to get her hands dirty and do some work. Type B idea of a romantic night out may be a night at the movies or at the ball game with her boyfriend. Unlike type A type B is more into sports and entertainment that will keep her intersteted. Type B may very well of grown up as being the neighborhood tom boy. Type B likes to control her self and her spose to a certain extent. She likes to call the shots as far as plans for a night out. Although she does not always like to be the one to make the decisions because she wants to keep to her ladiely side as well. Type B girl is a great saver of money and goes great with a guy that has no control over his money what so ever. Type B girl is the strong womanly figure we see day to day.

Type A and B women are at different end of the spectrems for it is either that you are one or the other. Of course there are always those that will land in the middle but I find this to be rare among women. Women are very complex creatures and wake makes them is how they react to certain issues growing up in life. Both types of women have lots to offer to both A and B men. But as we go along you will definitely see a good match for each sex.

Type A man is a rugged man who likes to get his hands dirty. He defines a Man very well. He is a strong figure and has a great impact on people. Type A man tends to be good in sports and physical things and takes great joys in these things as well. Type A man is looked upon as a leader by his family, friends, and co workers. He is the type of man you want to be near in a time of need. Altough Type A man may not be as sensitive as some wish he makes it up in his ability to be looked at as a strong figure. Type A man tends to like sports and sporting events and loves to spend time infront of the television watching these sports. Type A man is usally good with his money and knows how to save and is sometimes known as the tightwad. Type A man is the center piece of the family and is looked as to be god like to his kids. Type A man is very revered and strong which greatly attribute to his best qualities.

Type B man is the gentleman. He is one to be considerate to all people and is very well liked by many men and women. He is a smooth operator and knows how to handle himself infront of men and women. Type B man loves the nice things in life like a nice car and nice cloths. Type B man is very materialistic and loves to let it be known for it gives him a sense of power. Type A man may not be into sports but he is almost defiantly up to the new trends and toys on the market. Type B man is a man that likes to spend his money on the finer things and life. Thus he may have a problem saving his money for future problems. Type B man is looked upon by women as being a sweetalker and a player. Type B man is very cooperative and is loved by most every person he comes in with. What he likes in manliness Type B man makes up in charm and charisma. Type B man is the ultimate gentleman in life.

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