Compare and contrast the general struggle of the following three groups, the Jews, Mexicans, and Catholics, from past until present.

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Their social cliques (societies) established in the U.S. Jews The influx of Jewish immigrants started in the nineteenth century and by 1880 there was a significant number Jews in the United States. The Jewish community was predominantly focused on three main communities or societies.i.e The Orthodox who believed in keeping the tradition intact and following their set of religious laws and principles. The Conservative were a society which also retained the traditional values but molded them to the existing social norms. The Reform inculcated the Jewish laws and tactfully changed them to aid in modern trend of society. The German Jews made two sects which were the Reform Judaism and Conservative Judaism. In the present United States the sect of modern Jewish societies and movements are segregated under three different groups which are The Society for Humanistic Judaism, Congress of Secular Jewish Organizations and Workmen’s Circle. These Jewish societies have helped their members to establish themselves in the new environment and also remain close knit even with the differences in certain principles. Christopher M. Dumm, executive director of the Indian American Center for Political Awareness, says, "No community in the U.S. has such a strong well knit set up as the Jews. It is the best example of how the bulk of society can come forward to help the economically poor to build human capability so that they can find suitable jobs in the market." (Christopher Dumm, the Mexicans Mexicans have identified themselves through groups like the Spanish Coalition which helped settle these Mexicans as well as help them through difficulties that they faced with the existing social discrimination. The more prominent Mexicans fought for educational institutions for Mexican students and various other societies were formed to help the underprivileged Mexicans in the US. Catholics The largest Catholic immigration to the US is by Hispanics the rest are from other eastern countries. Fathers paved the way for societies of secular priests with the aim of preparing the younger generation for priesthood. With these ideals of their religion they were molded to build churches to represent their values and traditions in life. A large number of convents were established later on in the century. The Catholics were predominantly involved in religious societies and charity associations on those times. In today’s world some of the major charitable organizations are run by Catholics and Catholic societies. Access to education Jews Most of the young Jews attended public schools where they had the chance to mingle with others students from varied cultural backgrounds. Some others chose to study in the traditional Jewish day schools and Yeshivas where they academics included studies on Jewish culture and their language. The Synagogues also offered educational programmes taught in Sunday schools or elementary schools, where the student can keep in touch with the Jewish culture. In the early days acceptance of Jewish students to good universities was limited. Only a selected handful of Jewish professors were absorbed in elite educational institutions. Several policies pointing towards the quota systems limited the Jews entering all types of educational institutions which resulted in the Jews having no choice except to accept and work around the options opens to them at that time. “In 1848 the Hebrew Education Society was founded at Philadelphia—originally a school for general instruction in the ordinary branches up to and through the Grammar-school grade, together with instruction in Hebrew and in the Jewish religion”. (1901-1906 Jewish Encyclopedia, Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). Later on the Hebrew Free School Association came into the picture with free education which catered to children from different backgrounds and places. These educational institutes were intended to take the place of existing private schools with equal sanding in the educational society. Mexicans Mexicans have poor educational background since the early immigrants themselves were not very well educated. The descendants therefore found it difficult to adjust them in the intricate educational system followed in the increasingly progressive society. With the employment fields demanding high educational qualifications the Mexicans found themselves lagging behind and opting for menial jobs as a result of incomplete educational qualifications. Mexicans generally do not take to higher education due to which they have always remained poverty ridden compared to other immigrated dwellers. Their early education is very limited due to the fact that they do not pursue or finish even the primary education levels. This is the only group that has the highest drop outs in college much before graduation making the literacy level of Mexicans drop to a great extent. Mexicans have the lowest percentage of literacy in the US due to which they are more inclined towards low skill jobs resulting in low incomes leading to poverty and making them the poorest sect in the US. However in recent times the Mexican community has moved a great deal forward in increasing their knowledge on business ventures this is reflected in the numerous Spanish language media stations and newspapers available in the US today. Catholics The early schools were formed by Catholics by dedicated parents and priests who along with the nuns formed the backbone of the emerging educational society then. Increasing cultural changes along with obstacles of resistances were the foundations of the catholic educational system that are prevalent today. The Catholics built their own schools to counter the protestant educational system. These catholic institutions strived to blend with the social norms of society while retaining the catholic culture and religious beliefs as well. Catholics were predecessors of convent education that we enjoy today. The first catholic educational convent was founded in Philadelphia. With this historical step into the world of education the Catholics went on to spread their wings and educate millions of Americans in the world today. The early catholic schools did encounter obstacles but has managed to survive and dominate the world of education today. Some of the premier and elite educational institutions in the world are Catholic convents and institutes which has come a long way to conquer the world of knowledge through their educational systems. Employment (what types of jobs did these groups due when they arrived in the U.S) Jews Early immigrant Jews were peddlers and exceptional merchants who took the most advantage of the continents existing trade resources. They were the pioneers who had helped America to make clothes with sewing machines since Jews were renowned for their weaving and sewing capabilities. Jews were born tradesmen and had an amazing aptitude for finance. The Jews also entered the field of education and have since made great progress in the respective fields. Many of them also made their into the media and entertainment fields to become famous in due course. There have been a few who have served the nation as senators since 1845. Even though they were basically from an agricultural background, the fact that they could not own land when they first immigrated drove them to financial sector of banking and trading. Mexicans Mexicans were mostly employed as unskilled laborers in the agricultural and industrial fields. The men were the work force behind the Mexican immigrant society and were employed in hard labor as well. They represented cheap labo force that was essential to build the economy of the country. Their fear of deportation was exploited to a large extent by employers and they constantly were undermined which kept them from benefiting from the social welfare due to the underprivileged. Later the Mexican immigrants protested against the immigration laws which eventually granted citizenship to Mexican immigrants. In the present world Mexican immigrants are steadily climbing the social ladder and striving to make a stand in the American society. Many Mexicans are now an integral part of Americas Meat packaging, landscaping projects and the hospitality industry. They have expanded their employment territory and become business men especially in the restaurant and media line. Catholics The immigrant catholic families had to struggle hard during their early settlement days to earn a living in the new society. The only strength was their hope in religion and help from each other which kept them going for a long time. Ranching and farming was taken up by them even though it involved hard labor while some of them ventured into small and successful business in the neighborhood. Later on they diversified with the progress in the society and mastered the field of education through religious entities. Most of their progress was based on religious overtones. Employment within the educational field was plenty and gave them a better standing in the society as well. With well educated Catholics on the rise they were able to get prime positions in high places thereby being to lend a helping hand to the others in the community. Today American Catholics constitute a major part of the society’s culture and have contributed to a big extent towards the growth of the American culture with charitable organizations and educational institutions providing work to millions of Americans. Jewish Assimilation The Jewish assimilation was encouraged by the fact that the immigrant Jews were willing to make adjustments in their religious ideals and accommodate in order to blend into the adopted society and culture. The non Jewish culture initially was a shock but with efforts the immigrant Jews changed and incorporated the new values into their lives in order to blend into the American society. These inter racial marriages increased the assimilation factor through the children had access to two cultures at the same time. This is compounded by the fact that very few children have been passed on the traditional Jewish culture and religious values. The United States itself has done a great deal in the assimilation of Jewish immigrants. The contribution of Jews towards the financial and business sectors has been of added value to the country. They have proved their worth in varied sectors making the assimilation process combined and successful. Mexican Assimilation Mexicans being the largest community of immigrants in the US, along with the increasing community of illegal immigrants to the count

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