In literary term, marriage can be defined as legalized companionship. But prior to legalization, it’s utmost essential for a couple to realize that they can grow with each other. When couples have the tendency to explore life together, they seldom separate. Couples with similar perspective towards life, easily become partners in the ‘adventure’ called life; but more than anything else, each of the companions should have the propensity towards each others’ interest. Men and women get attracted to each other; they make an attempt to know each other and when they believe that they can walk together on the path of life, they get married. Marriage, thereafter, can be a happy story till there are no certain and uncertain changes or diversions.

There is no particular formula for the success of marriage or any relationship. But yet, there are reasons – visible and also not so visible, for its failure. Marriage can fall apart anytime, but if reasons are defined then it’s easy to gather the shattered pieces. The concern is when reasons are not logically defined and are difficult to comprehend. One such reason can be lack of adaptability to each other’s changed perspective. Even though, initially, couple shared the zest for life, there is a possibility that over the years their object of interest may differ due to different influences and priorities. Another reason, though unreasonable as per social and legal norm, can be a change in the pace of growth. One of the companion moves too fast and the other fails to cope up with the speed. But the consequence in both the cases is the death of the tendency to explore life together. Relationships, even after years and years of togetherness, can fail when couples cease to enjoy the process of exploring and growing together.

In the modern era, where too many options are available, drifting is very likely.

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