Skateboarding Is Not A Crime

Skateboarding Is Not A Crime

In this country there are a numerous amount of sports . One of the sports most looked

down upon , I believe is skateboarding . It was started mainly on the West Coast , but

now survives everywhere , and everywhere it is it’s looked down upon . Skateboarding

has been around for decades . This sport should be respected .

One of the reasons people don’t like this sport is because of fear . Fear that they have

because of stereotypes about skaters themselves . People automatically think you do

drugs , and steal everything , and are just plane mean . Although there are those who

think otherwise . Those people are the ones that are more open-minded . Everyone

should be like that .

Skateboarding is actually harder than it looks . There are three types of tricks skaters

perform . The first is the flip trick , which is when you make your board do all sorts of

flips . The second is the grind, a grind is when any part of your board slides along a rail or

curb or something of that sort . The third type is a grab , grabs are when you grab your

board in the air .

Professional skaters are some of the most talented sports stars in the world . Any one

could play football or basketball , but you would never see a football or basketball player

skateboarding . Most pro skaters have been skating for years , usually about six through

nine years . Maybe someday skateboarding will hold the record for best sport in the

world. As much as the pros put in to this sport they should be role models for future

generations . Even though they are now but not as much as they should be .

This sport has so much going for it right now . People should understand that skaters

aren’t all mean and not everyone of them is going to destroy your property . Only the in

considerate ones will be like that . For the most of us though , we are really nice . I myself

try to change peoples opinion about skaters whenever I skate .

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