Bowling Tournament

You could feel the excitement in the air … The seven newly formed teams were lumbering up and throwing practice balls with increased anticipation as the tournament was about to begin. Our CEO, Mr. Rex Drilon walked up to the podium to deliver a few words of encouragement and sportsmanship. Then, General Partners Atty. Ignacio R. Ortigas & Mr. Fernando M. Ortigas threw the ceremonial balls and the atmosphere was absolutely electric! The championship night had begun!

During the month long tournament, the players’ competitive juices were flowing from every pore. The spirit of healthy competition was so intense you could almost touch it. One could easily sense that each team was pushing itself to win. Everyone, however, was aware that this activity was not so much for the competition per se, but for the spirit of fun and camaraderie. Although many players had never touched a bowling ball in their entire lives, team members fearlessly performed and supported one another in order to boost their respective teams’ standings.

Consistent with its view that the employees are its primary assets; the (Company name withheld) management endeavored to initiate an activity which would produce the ultimate fun-filled bonding experience for its employees. Nothing could have been more appropriate than a team-based sports activity.

The Human Resources Group spearheaded and organized the Bowling Tournament, and divided the entire workforce into eight (8) teams—Maroon, Yellow, Orange, Light Blue, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, and Cream—each with seven (7) players.

The Maroon and Cream Teams played consistently well during the tournament. The Maroon team after a nervous and hesitant first game, however, proved its might over the Cream team, and ran away with the hard-won Championship trophy. The Cream Team, which settled for 1st Runner Up, gave a good and nerve-wracking fight. The Orange Team clinched the 2nd Runner Up trophy, while Yellow Team settled for the 3rd Runner Up. But don’t be fooled, the non-winning teams are strongly resolved to give this year’s winning teams a run for their money next year!

(Company name withheld) first official sports activity for the year was truly a success in its aim to promote interaction and bonding among the employees, as they hold separate branch offices at different locations (Operations) and at the Head Office Building (Corporate Resources Group). At the end of the day, everyone’s heart was filled with kinship. Each employee was wearing a smile. Everyone belonged.

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