Anabolic Steroids

Thesis statement:

In my research paper I will show the affects of Anabolic Steroids.

I. Introduction

A. Steroids- drugs that are use to build muscle

1. Scientific name- Anabolic Steroids

2. Common name- STeroids

B. Reasons of taking Steroids

1. why people take them

a. men

b. women

2. Increase strength and endurance

3. Enhance appearance

II. Side affects

A. Positive and negative uses

1. Common negative side affects of taking Steroids

a. Tumors

(1) Liver

(2) Pancreas

b. Increased risk of;

(1) Diseases associated

(2) Aggressive acts of cardiovascular disease

(3) Kidney disease, depression, and psychosis

2. Common positive side affects of taking Steroids

a. Increase leanness

b. Increase muscle mass

III. Affects on different people

A. Men

1. Why men take steroids

a. Physical Reasons


2. Emotional problems

a. mood swings

b. sexual side affects

B. Women

1. Why women take steroids

a. Physical and health related reasons

(1) effects

(a) facial hair , baldness, etc.

C. Adolescents

1. Problems associated

a. growth stunted ;skeletal maturation

b. depression

2. Peer pressure

a. taking steroids because of getting made fun of

(1) emotional effects

VI. Types of steroids

A. Different types of steroids

1. types

a. use of each

2. side effects of each

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