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Steroids vs. Natural

1. Every one wants to be in top physical shape.

A. Most Americans take part in some sort of physical exercise.

B. Most use drugs or supplements to enhance their body’s performance.

1) Most people work out 2-3 times per week.

2) Most prefer the easiest way to stay in shape.

2. Did you know that 95% of people who use steroids or some other drug have serious health problems?

A. Most steroid users suffer from illness like liver, heart disease, and erectile dysfunction.

B. All users have an increased body performance.

3. The bottom line is people like short cuts over hard work.

A. Supplements are legal body enhancers

1) Using metabolite or cretin is a great way to build physique.

B. Steroids are illegal drugs.

1) Using steroids will create a body of mass.

4. “I’ll be back”, quoted from Arnold Swarzenegger.

A. Arnold used steroids and now has heart problems.

B. Jeremy Irons Quote.

1) The alternate to steroids is hard work and the use of good food supplements.

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