Adjusting To College Term Paper

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Adjusting to CollegeWith the onset of college comes adjusting to new situations financially, emotionally, and most importantly academically. Financial problems are resposible for a large percentage of dropouts . This is why most colleges offer financial aid or loan programs. Along with the financial obligation comes emotional difficulty. An example of thisis a commonly used metaphor, a roller coaster of emotion , which is used to express the overwhelming amount of responsibility a new student must encounter. The academic aspect of college is equally important , not only are you learning the essentials, you are learning how to learn . In addition to these new challenges there are many more that a student must overcome as they adjust to their new life.

For a well rounded education that is structured to the basics of life, you must both physically and mentallychallenge yourself. Struggles surface whether you are starting your education or just finishing. With financial resources readily available students can obtain an outstanding education. Hard work and a good mind is what builds students and their future. Education is a often a fight for knowledge, As quoted by Robert Schuller It is never too late to learn and to grow. There are exciting new discoveries being made every day that can help us in our quest to be all that we are meant to be.

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