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In today s world there are a lot of major issues that are talked about, argued about, and even voted about, and the majority of major issues all lead to our headlines on a daily basis. One major issue that is always talked about and argued about is that of Abortion. This is one major issue that seems to grab everyone s attention due to the fact that everyone has his or her opinion on the subject. For some people, their opinion on Abortion is Solely based on how they were brought up by their parents, and finally the biggest opinion of them all is that of human life in an Abortion. The two opinions that I would like to share about are that of religion and human life in an Abortion.

First, lets take a look at what religion teaches us about human life. For the people who attend church, they know that the bible teaches us that to end a life is a sin. This is nothing new since this sin was etched in stone in the Ten Commandments. This sin really does apply to the argument of Abortion because some people argue that an unborn baby can be aborted, others say that only after a certain trimester can a baby be aborted. Still others claim that only in certain instances should an unborn baby be aborted. These are just a few opinions on what people have to say about abortion and normally this leads to theological debates which only lead us to more arguing. Yes, we do live in a sinful world, and temptation is a cancer that can eat at you, but we should treat our bodies as vessels of Christ. Certainly there is no instruction book on how to live your life, but the bible is the only book we need when ending a life is an issue.

Next, let s look at human life in an Abortion. As mentioned before some say that an unborn baby can be aborted, while others say that only after a certain trimester can a baby be aborted. It is very hard to believe that someone could actually harm an innocent life, or much less not feel any pain for what has happened to an unborn baby during an Abortion. Personally, I feel that if an Abortion has taken place the parents responsible should have criminal punishment placed on them. After all the human life was not intended to be played around with, or to be damaged whenever we please, but instead it is for the love of God that we bring a human life into this world.

To conclude, there will always be arguments on major issues of all kinds but especially on Abortion, which is just one issue that has many factors involved. But the truth remains, and that is we need to look at what the bible teaches us. I personally feel that we have all been out of touch with what God intended for our lives to be, and that is Holy.

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