The Great Gatsby Term Paper

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Love is an intense of feeling of deep affection or fondness for a person or a thing. In the novel, The Great Gatsby, Daisy's love for Gatsby is very shallow. The affections she has for him are only feelings of admiration of his success because Gatsby prospers in all his intentions. Daisy highly regards Gatsby because of his determination of getting anything he wants. Hence, love is not shown very profoundly by Daisy towards Gatsby.Daisy is already married to Tom and has a daughter. She marries him during the time Gatsby joins teh military, with a thought of him not coming back. Before Gatsby joins the military, Daisy and him made a promise to one another that when Gatsby returns, they will marry one another. This engagement between them is broken when Daisy marries Tom. She does not keep her vow to Gatsby, which only shows that she is not taking it seriously. Although she is not happy with her marriage with Tom, she is satisfied with her life because Tom is a wealthy man. Eventhough Daisy knows that Tom is cheating onher with another woman, Daisy sticks by him and tries to make their relationship work. She does not appear to care for Gatsby because she does not atempt to know Gatsby's whereabouts eversince. When she overhears Jordan and Nick's conversation about Gatsby, it surprised her at first and tehn she ignores what she hears. This occurrence simply shows that Daisy does not feel intense love for Gatsby.

It is Gatsby's determination that leads their paths to meet once again. It is Gatsby who loves Daisy and not the other way around. With the help of Nick, Gatsby and Daisy finally had the chance to see one another. Gatsby and Daisy reunite and Daisy's feelings for Gatsby suddenly comes back. Daisy finds out about Gatsby's change in state, from being poor to becoming rich.

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