Gatsby-Sympathy Term Paper

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In the scene at the Plaza Hotel, there is a moment of truth as Tom confronts Gatsby and Daisy and resolves some issues. By the end of this chapter, we know that Tom and Daisy will stay together, and that while Daisy was once infatuated with Gatsby, it is definitely over with the two of them. Even though it is very apparent to the reader that Gatsby and Daisy will not have a relationship anymore (see below), it is hard to sympathize with Gatsby for his loss because he is still slightly disillusioned about his status with Daisy. Even after Gatsby drives her home, he expects Daisy to signal to him if she needs any help. He acts as if they have worked out a plan so that Tom will not be able to hurt her, but Gatsby doesn t realize that Daisy does not want to have a relationship with him anymore. Therefore, it is hard to sympathize with Gatsby because he still does not believe that he has lost Daisy.

However, one can sympathize with Daisy. While the five of them are in the hotel room, Tom and Gatsby each badgers her and tries to force her to admit that she loves him, and shouts about whom she really loves. Daisy is really torn in two directions, and at first seems unsure of her feelings. At first she says that she only loved Gatsby, but soon says that she once loved him. Then, she tries to avoid saying who she wants to be with, and later it is finally inferred that she will stay with Tom when the book says, Her frightened eyes told that whatever intentions, whatever courage she had had, were definitely gone (p. 142). The reader sympathizes with Daisy because she has two men fighting over her and trying to decide her fate while she herself is having great difficulties in recognizing her true feelings.

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