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I, and high school students all over the United States, have read this book from 1925 because, it is simply a classic. A classic is defined by Webster as a literary or artistic work of the highest excellence, or a masterpiece. The Great Gatsby is regarded as a masterpiece, though it wasn t when it first came out. Critics and the public strayed away from this novel because, they didn t think it was good a novel as Fitzgerald s previous works. Soon people started to recognize it and it became widely popular. One may ask why this novel is a classic. I would answer this by saying that it has many themes and messages, and that it deals with the pursuit of the American Dream. Not only does it show the pursuit of the American dream, but it also shows the failure of the American Dream, which is why I thought it was a classic.

This dream is different for many people but for Gatsby the dream comes through wealth and power. Gatsby is basically in pursuit of Daisy. His American Dream is to relive what he had with Daisy. In order to do this Gatsby has to have wealth and power. In the novel, Gatsby bought that house so that Daisy would be just across the bay. This proves his wealth and power. The thing that led to his failure of the American Dream was that Gatsby still believes that daisy loves him. For example he takes the blame of Myrtle s death. Gatsby can t accept the fact that the past is done with. Nick tries to explain to him that one can t relive the past but Gatsby responds by saying, You can old Sport. His American Dream, Daisy, was never fulfilled and he sacrificed his life for it. To me, seeing Gatsby s American Dream not being fulfilled is why this novel is a classic.


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