The Great Gatsby Term Paper

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The Great Gatsby was a very compelling and well-written novel. This book has a very intriguing plot, from the mysterious Jay Gatsby to the gruesome murder at the climatic ending. There is a multitude of deep characters you will run into through out this novel like Nick Carraway and his presumed love Miss Jordan Baker, along with Gatsby's lost love Daisy Buchanan. Then there is Gatsby's house, one of the mysteries of the story, with all of it's illustrious parties. Finally it will tell you a little about the human nature. The story begins with the book being told as the memory of one Nick Carraway and his encounters with Jay Gatsby (aka James Gatz). Gatsby is a enigmatic character that no one really knows much about who holds immense get togethers at his home for hundred of guests at a time until he runs into his lost love, who sense has been married, who's husband dispenses false information to a man named George Wilson who intern kills Mr. Gatsby. The ending of this novel is kind of sorrowful in a touching way. This is due to the in depth creation of characters the author portrayed. The most in depth character of all is Mr. Jay Gatsby in this novel. He is left a very obscure individual and much is not known about him until he reveals it to Nick. One thing Tom Buchanan finds out about Gatsby is the he is a swindler and that is how he has amassed his fortune. The main character is Nick Carraway a man who objectively stays the same through out the whole book, keeping his friendship with Gatsby to the very end. This book wouldn't be the same if not for the Giant house that Gatsby lived in. Most of the novel takes place at Mr. Gatsby's grand mansion in East Egg, New York. This mansion just adds to the mystery about Gatsby and were he got all of his money from. This huge home was perfect for holding giant parties every weekend for hundreds of guests, and soon became the "in" place to go. Without Gatsby's house the story would just not have been the same. Even in the title you can tell that Gatsby is a somewhat secretive man and is really just a partial fabrication. After reading this book it makes you realize that often people are put into situations that they would much like to avoid. Also, it show the whimsical nature society has towards figures such as Gatsby. In conclusion, it was a very good book especially the climatic ending with the murder of Mr. Jay Gatsby.

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