The Great Gatsby By Fitzgerald Term Paper

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. Scott FitzgeraldThe Great GatsbyEssay #1 Fitzgerald uses many images throughout the book, The Great Gatsby, which symbolize the themes of the book. One example of this is Gatsby's car, which is a metaphor for what Gatsby stands for. Also, many symbolic colors are used. Cars have been seen as status symbols for years. Gatsby's car is more than just an object, it is a metaphor for his wealth and what it stands for. The car is described by Nick to be almost unreal. It is a grand car which probable cost Gatsby a lot of money. However, Gatsby treats it like a toy. The car is enormous ("monstrous length (p.68)") and expensive which is what Gatsby wants to convey as his image. Words like "rich cream color... swollen here and there... (p.68)" make it seem human, and although it is a machine, it can be hurt. The phrase, "and terraced with a labyrinth of windshields that mirrored a dozen suns (p.68)" shows Gatsby's falsity. The sun is the one true guiding light. It is a symbol for beauty which cannot be copied. Gatsby is able to counterfeit it and multiply it so it is no longer true. This shows how much his money has done. The car leads to the downfall of Myrtle Wilson and Gatsby. The car, a symbol of wealth, killing Myrtle shows how wealth can up hurting many people.

Cars are used throughout the book. A man gets into a small accident after one of Gatsby's parties. When Gatsby gets pulled over in his car, he manages to get out of the trouble with his wealth. Myrtle gets killed by a car. Also, a couple gets into an accident in their car. This all shows how money isn't all that it's cracked up to be. Colors are used in this book to symbolize status and different people. Gatsby looks at a green light across the water when he is thinking of Daisy. From that point, green is associated with Daisy. The colors silver and gold are used throughout the book. These colors symbolize wealth. Gatsby wears a silver suit. His car is silver. Many objects in his mansion is silver. When Nick describes one of Gatsby's parties, he says, "The moon had risen higher, and floating in the sound was a triangle of silver scales." This shows the wealth associated with the parties. Gatsby uses a lot of symbolism in The Great Gatsby. Many of these symbols say much more than any words can say. When a reader thinks of a huge car, silver, or gold, he can get a good picture of the wealth and an image of what is happening in the story.

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