Great Gatsby Term Paper

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The Great Gatsby

To start this book report, I would like to say that I hadn’t read the whole book when I talked to you this afternoon. However, I was far more than halfway done with it. I know that it seemed fishy that I couldn’t come up with the main female character’s name at first, as it would to me to, but I assure you that this was just a “brain fart”. So without further commentary, here is my book report/summary of “The Great Gatsby”.

Title: The Great Gatsby

Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald

Setting: Mid 20’s New York City (Upper Class East and West Egg)

Theme: (In my opinion) Things aren’t always as illustrious as they seem.

Tone: Morose

Main Characters: Nick Caraway, Daisy, Jay Gatsby, Mr. Gatz

The book, The Great Gatsby takes an interesting look at high society in New York City, in the mid 1920’s. It proves that the upper class, aren’t always what they seem, for instance, when no one shows up at Gatsby’s funeral. However, their lack of morality ultimately causes the downfall of their hollow worlds.

The beginning of The Great Gatsby follows Nick Caraway as he moves to the New York City area. Much of the first few chapters has to do with describing Mr. Caraway, and introducing the other characters. Basically in this book what happened was that Jay Gatsby and Daisy were in love. Then Jay was summoned to fight in World War One. When he got back he learned, to his distress, that Daisy was married. This didn’t stop him however, and he continued to pine after her for a while longer. Jay plots with Jordan Baker, and his neighbor Nick Caraway to meet Daisy, and actually gets the opportunity. This would have been an excellent reunion except for the fact that Daisy is married to Tom Buchanan.

The climax of the novel is at a hotel where Jay and Tom begin to fight. They fight territorially for Daisy. Although Daisy tries to stop them from fighting it does no good. Tom claims that Daisy never loved Jay, and Jay claims that Daisy loved no one but him. Tempers flare, and a brawl commences. Tom comes out the victor however.

Now that Daisy’s trust in Gatsby had dissipated, so did Gatsby soul. His body began the only sign that he belonged to the earthly world.

Word Count: 399

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