American Dream, The Great Gatsby Term Paper

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The American Dream as portrayed in The Great Gatsby is the reality of the love of money. The characters in the novel dwell on the fact that they have money. The novel is about the power of money.

Daisy is the main character who fulfills the American Dream; being rich. Her lifestyle revolves around money. It is impossible to imagine her without it. When observing Daisy, it is natural for the reader to experience envy. She has a rich husband, owns a beautifully furnished home, and has a lovely daughter. Who could ask for more? Daisy can. She is in love with an old acquaintance, Jay Gatsby. Gatsby is an incredibly rich man, who attempts to win his love with his money. He knows that without his money, his chance with Daisy is impossible.

Excluding the Wilson s, each character is given the easy path of life. Money brings them happiness and love. The Wilson s who work hard for what they have, are viewed as troubled and unhappy.

Each of the characters represents money. What distinguishes each character from each other is how they use and view their money. Gatsby is money but is also the essence of vitality and hope and dreams coming true. The Buchanans, on the other hand, are hard, cold money, representing selfishness.

The American Dream is portrayed correctly in The Great Gatsby. In order to live out the dream, one must have money. Nothing else can make a person happy. Money can be mistaken for love and freedom. But, without money, one is considered a failure.

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