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The Great Gatsby

-Critical Lens Essay-

Charles Dickens statement It was the best of times, it was the worst of times means that although one thinks he or she is having a good time, deep inside, underneath all of the happiness there is only pain. This statement is something that Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby could ve used before he went and did the actions he did through out the story. If he would ve read this exact statement then one might say that the outcome of Gatsby s life would ve been different.

F. Scott Fitzgerald s The Great Gatsby is about a man, Jay Gatsby and how his true life isn t what people thought it was. Jay had one person in his life that he would do anything for but this woman, Daisy, was the kind of woman that loved only rich men. Jay was not, so after he served; he did everything he can to become rich, which he did. After Daisy drifted back into his life he tried to make her, his. Even though Daisy was already married, he was determined to do so. Daisy and Jay go closer and closer and he thought that they were destined to be together. He was having the time of his life but deep inside some part of him knew that he would never truly have her to himself because of Daisy s jealous husband. Jay later paid for his relationship with Daisy and what he lost was his life and the lesson here is that although Jay was having the time of his life deep inside he was sad and angry.

Before all of these problems occurred Jay lived a life of luxury. He had everything a man could possibly want, or did he? He everything except for one thing, love. He had no one to love and he wanted that so bad, which is why he went after Daisy. Daisy meant so much to him and he thought that they were meant to be together. So even though Jay had all the luxuries of life he didn t have the one thing that money can t buy. This example really relates to the statement because it gives the reader an in-depth understanding of the main character, Jay.

Nick being the narrator of the story has a key role and in a way reflects this statement. Nick moved to the richly populated town recently and already he is in the middle of everything. Sure he was having a blast with Daisy, Tom and other friends but was he feeling other deep inside. Well people might say, yes because he became really good friends with Jay and before he knew it he was murdered. One might think that Nick blames himself for his death and in someway Nick could ve prevented his death, knowing how everybody felt. So even though Nick was okay on the outside he was not on the inside.

The Great Gatsby is one of the best books out there and has a lot to teach. This statement being one of them. This statement is indeed a true one and there is no purpose for someone to disagree with it because of the given evidence. There are many more novels with examples that prove this statement true and this is just one of them. Almost in every novel there beholds a character(s) that have to deal with this statement.

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