Blessed Josef Cebula Father Cebula lived in Poland and in the latter stages of his life his country was greatly affected by World War II. Over 107 polish martyrs died in the Nazi concentration camps during the war. He studied theology and also philosophy and taught the people about God. He was involved in many seminaries and he taught for most of his life even though he was weak. As an adolescent he suffered from many injuries. He was ordained a priest at the age of 25 in 1972. His death was caused because of the conflict between Poland and Germany and he was caught up in the harmfulness of this shockingly brutal War. Josef died because of the rage that had been going on between the wars. He was killed after the Nazi s had arrested him on the 2nd of April 1941. He tried to escape and he was shot dead.


Even though father Cebula suffered from the injuries that he had he was too scared to seek any medical attention. Throughout his whole life he was faced with violence and war but despite all of this he continued to spread gods word. He never asked for any special treatment but instead he gave what he had to others in need. TIME AND DATE EVENT His teenage years Josef Cebula suffered from lung infection and pleurisy. He also suffered from stomach and digestion problems. 5th of June 1927 Poland Was ordained as a priest in this year 9th of may 1941 He was shot after being arrested and trying to escape. Born on march 23rd 1902 He was born on this day and he was polish even though he was born on German territory.

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