Promise Keepers: A Dangerous Cult?

As you may know, "Promise Keepers," a male Christian group, recently rallied on the capital grounds to revel in the spirit of God. However, Promise Keeper's is a radical Christian group that, frighteningly, may one day wield a considerable amount of political power. Frighteningly not only because they are a large Christian group, but because of the views associated with them.

One of the most disturbing views the Promise Keeper's hold is that of male superiority. The Rev. Tony Evans, a Dallas minister preaching at the recent rally, counsels the men to "reclaim" leadership in the household. This statement is backed by Ephesians 5:22-24 KJV, "Wives, submit to your husbands, as to the Lord./ For the husband is the head of the wife. . . ./ Therefore, just as the Church is subject to Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in everything." This passage, taken directly from the Holy Testament clearly shows the group's views on male superiority.

Another disturbing aspect of Promise Keeper's is their alleged racial discrimination. At a glance over the crowds one will notice the overwhelming whiteness. Promise Keeper's claims to wish to reconcile the races, but the facts are not reflecting this - very few minorities of any kind are represented. The simple reason for this is that Promise Keeper's is an extension of the infamous Ku Klux Klan. In an effort to make the Klan seem more appealing, they have given it a non- alliterating name and an affiliation with Christianity, known to be everyones' favorite religion. As is, a few blacks have even joined, and some even speak at the rallies; however, it must be assumed that these men are beaten and lenched afterwards.

Promise Keepers is running aground on a small amount of ambiguity, however. While claiming to be anti-homosexual, in fact claiming homosexulaity is a sin, and sodomizers will "burn for eternity in the fiery bowels of Hell," Promise Keepers is quite obviously a homosexual group. Alvin Baraff, a Washington psychologist, says the reason men flock to Promise Keepers, "is that it offers a . . . place to be with other men." Also, Newsweek reports "hugs" among the revelers, and their are rumors of several men sharing motel rooms, apparently with more than one man to a single bed. Debbie Foster, of St. Petersburg Florida, says ever since Dan, her husband, became a Promise Keeper he "has probably done more laundry than me," clearly identifying him as a homosexual. Obviously their public views are meant as a cover-up for so many gay men. This also helps us to understand the Promise Keeper's views on male supremacy: plainly women are so inferior that they are in fact good for nothing.

Obviously, a racially- and gender-biased Christian group of homosexual males claiming more than 2.6 million American men nationwide is not just a national disgrace, but a threat as well. This group controls the lives of a rapidly growing number of our nation's prime workers, blue color and white. If this group ever chose to wield the power they posses over so many Americans, the effects could be devastating. Bible readings could become mandatory, a new verse every hour, on the hour - effectively replacing football and talk-shows as the national pastime. They would air Benny Hinn on every local channel for at least several hours a day, and they would devote nearly all cable channels to it, they would ban and possibly eradicate the Playboy channel from all of history. Everyone would be forced to attend services regularly at their local Southern Baptist church, or, if one is not currently installed, to attend the work groups organized to build one.

Obviously we cannot allow these horrible Christians to rule the world. Yet, "What are we to do?" you may ask. Firebomb the rallies? Poison their drinking water? Assassinate their leaders? While these are all perfectly good and reasonable ideas, the single best idea is simply not to give in to their lies, to not be persuaded by their clever rhetorical traps, and to arm yourself with the truth!

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