Theology Reflection

Chapter 4-Page 66-Number 1

Imagine a situation in which you are arrested and

imprisoned for being a Christian. What are you thinking as

you sit in your prison cell? Write down your feelings and

behavior as if writing a journal entry.

As I sit in my prison cell for something that I have no

control over, being a Christian by birth, I wonder why they

would do this to me. They know there is nothing that I

could do about being born a Christian. Even though I was

born into Christianity I will remain strong in my beliefs of

my religion. I dont understand what could be going through

there minds, knowing I have done nothing wrong. There is

nothing that I can do to help myself besides sit here and

let God take things into his own hands.

I know that I will be fine because I am going to put

all of my trust into God and if there is anybody that I can

trust it is God. If there could just be one question that I

could ask God rite now it would be why? Why have I been

imprisoned for being a Christian? I have done nothing but

kept my faith and I can do nothing but sit here and pray.

I feel very upset because they have taken somebody so

innocent. But I know that if I keep all of my faith in God

and do not have a single doubt about God and what he will do

for me I will be okay. But if there is one single doubt in

God than I know that something is wrong. I should be able

to keep my faith in God even if it means that they will have

to kill me. I will not say to them that I do not believe in

God because I will keep my faith in God and everything

should fall into place.

If I were to tell them I did not believe in

Christianity, not only would be turning my back on my family

and whole heritage I would be turning my back on the most

important thing in my life, God. If God knows that I am

willing to put my life on the line for him just as he did

for every single one of us he will know how strong my faith

in Christianity and him is. But if I were to deny my faith

I would never to be able to show my face around anybody

again. I say this because I would be turning away from

everyone and I would not be able to live with myself knowing

what I had done. Buy I am just going to keep my faith in

God and I believe that I will be in good shape!

Word Count: 472

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