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It's Only Right

Tourism has been a subject of debate, especially among islanders. In our county of just over twelve thousand people, its difficult not to notice tourists or feel the impact of the large amount of visitors that come to enjoy the islands. Even though islanders may be less than hospitable, tourists do have a place on the islands. Yes, tourists may be a nuisance, but would the quality of life that we enjoy be the same without them?

The San Juan Islands are known for their beauty. For the most part it would be easy to say that most of us who live here are here because of that beauty. We are blessed by clean air, clean water, green trees and small communities. We benefit by the money tourism brings to the island economy and to our lifestyle.

Tourism in the San Juan contributes an awareness and appreciation of our environment. Without the money that tourists spend in the islands the Whale Museum might not be able to run programs or to do important research that can teach us how to care for our underwater friends. If the islands were not available to the general public many of our visitors would not be informed about the value of quite, clean land. As residents of this beautiful place it is our responsibility to welcome tourists and give them the opportunity to experience for themselves the abundant beauty. And to be influenced by the islanders in the respect for the land that's evident in our parks, open space and landbank properties. Despite the obstacles tourism creates for islanders they too have a right to share the islands with the islanders.

Islanders sometimes act harshly toward tourists. Tourists may be a nuisance and there is another side. They sometimes create a negative impact. Sure, business is going up, but parking spots for example are going down. The ferries are more often than not overloaded. The folks who ride mopeds and bicycles seem to run mad, and the wait at the grocery store to check out feels like a lifetime. During tourist season, we feel out of step and invaded. Tourists are on vacation time and we are going about our business and often the tempo collides. We sometimes feel used, and abused but, we hear them say "What a great vacation".

The San Juan Islands have been a retreat for many visitors for hundreds of years. Native Americans came because of the abundant food, the comfortable climate and the natural harbors. And, like the natives, today's tourists come for much of the same reasons. Beauty is abundant; scenery just about everywhere you look. Sea and sky are filled with wonders. Many of us made our way here by being tourists. It's only right that we be open and willing to share the beauty and lifestyle of the San Juan Islands.

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