Rivers are extremely important to

western settlers. The Hoover Dam generates

more than 2,000 megawatts of electricity and

provides flood and irrigation control. The dam

stands 725 feet tall and lets close to 25 billion

gallons of water a day through it. Over half of

the area around the dam is dry but it is very

fertile. The dam is a good way to irrigate these

fertile dry lands and provides a good

waterway to have activities on.

The Hoover Dam is located on the

Colorado river in Nevada. The dam is so large

that if gigantic refrigerators in construction

had not been used in the dam to cool it, the

concrete would not be dry to this day. Tourism

is another huge factor in the dams area. with

all the tours of the dam and all of the

publicity, there is a lot of small shops and

tours. This money goes to maintenance of the

dam and to build new things.

The building of the dam started

around 1925 and lasted many years. People

came from all over the west for work. It was a

good opportunity for work at that time.

Boulder city is a town where the workers lived

and built apartments to live in. They would

also develop “rag towns” which were small

villages made up of dirty tents and poor

people. You can visit the Hoover Dam year

round and it is a very interesting and

educational place.

:Hoover Dam



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