Quebec: Should It Be Allowed T

If Quebec were to separate, this would certainly have a devastating impact on Canadian society. What many upholders of the separation issue do not realize is that Quebec's needs as a province are being met by Canada's current federal system. The fact that Canada is bilingual is its greatest attribute and changing that would change Canada's stature in the world. The many advantages that Quebec holds, being a Canadian province would cease to exist. The people of Quebec are in the dark about the real issues at hand and they simply do not know or understand the facts of what would really occur if they were to sever their connection with Canada. They are unprepared to face the many aspects of being their own country. Quebec should not be allowed to separate because of the negative effects that this would have on Canadian society.

The current system in Canada is fully meeting Quebec's needs. The people of Quebec are not showing any form of increased support of separation from Canada. They obviously feel no need for change and they know that their needs are being taken care of. "65% of Quebecers simply did not want another referendum,"1 as well, many people of Quebec see the real problems that need to be taken care of. They realize that Bouchard should focus on more important issues such as the economy of Quebec along with the health and education of the province. The separation of Quebec from Canada should not even be an issue. Not only is it unnecessary but it would worsen Quebec's overall situation. As it is, Quebec receives an annual net gain of approximately one billion dollars annually from the Ottawa government. On D-day Quebec's government received all assets of the federal government in Quebec. 2 Most obviously Quebec really has no reason to complain at all. The time is not prosperous for separation; now or ever. The prerogatives that Quebec receives while in the care of Canada are endless.

Canada's diversity in language and culture is its finest attribute and therefore this characteristic should not be thrown away. Of the 12 most widely spoken languages both English and French are included.3 The many advantages that come with being part of a truly bilingual country are endless. Tourism is logically increased with the expansion in communication possibilities. Vacation is made easier if the traveler's language is spoken in the country they have voyaged to. Canada's economy depends partially on our diversity in the way of tourism, and tourism in turn is dependent on the two distinct societies of Canada. The cutting apart of these cultures would result in economic downfall especially for Quebec. English speaking tourists would be less likely to go to Quebec for fear that no one there would speak English, and French speaking tourists would question visiting English Canada for the same reason. Not to say that tourism of French to English and English to French would stop completely, but it would decrease dramatically. Relations with other countries are also made easier with Canada's cultural variance. No doubt France would look upon Canada differently if the French language was no longer spoken in the English country. The same thing applies to communications between Quebec, and England or the U.S.A. If Quebec were not part of an English speaking country things would change. The separatists search for an answer to end hate between the English and French but they are instead promoting hate, the end of multiculturalism, lack of acceptance, and bigotry. The advantages of an individual knowing many languages are obvious as the importance of proper communication is just as obvious. Imagine a unilingual speaking scholar and a bilingual scholar competing for a position in parliament. If their other credentials are equal it is obvious that the bilingual scholar would be hired simply because of the importance of diversity in today's ethnically diverse society. The advantages given to the youth of Canada are similar. Quebecers should be happy that they are able to learn English because it "is the second most widely spoken language, with 418 million speakers."4 If Quebec were to separate they would lose part of their modern culture.

Quebec s people do not realize what devastating effects their leaving will have on themselves and Canada. The Province of Quebec is unprepared to be its own country. To give an example of the delinquentile behavior fueling the separation idea look at the tragic event that occurred in 1970 when "Quebec Liberal Cabinet minister Pierre Laporte and British diplomat James Cross were kidnapped by a group of Quebec separatist militants."5 These separatist leaders cannot possibly expect to be taken seriously when the are taking such ultimately childish methods to attempt to prove their point. They are terrorists by definition, using violence to achieve their goal. Quebec's people do not know that those fighting to divide Canada are in essence power hungry violent objectors, because if they did they would not support the separation concept at all. The people of Quebec are given the ideal scenario where they leave Canada and become a truly powerful country. They do not ask themselves how this will happen because they are shielded by the reality of the whole situation. They will not be a powerful nation; they will not prosper because they will no longer have the sane government of Canada. Those who uphold terrorist actions will govern them. Quebec believes in their own rights and that the "Anglo-chauvinist federal government", 6 should allow their socialist revolution to continue, yet they are angered by the Inuit population's decision to stay should Quebec leave. Approximately two thirds of Quebec's land would stay behind and as a result many of Quebec's resources would be lost. Quebec, when they separate will only be taking the Lands that they brought with them at Confederation in 1867. All other lands by the Acts of 1897 and 1912 were strictly given to Quebec as management only and were by Act's of Parliament.7 The annual support received from Ottawa would seize completely. The benefits that Quebec currently receives would not exist if for it being part of Canada.

Quebec should not be allowed to separate because of the devastating effect that this would have on Canada. Quebec s needs are being well met by the present system in Canada. The ethnic and cultural diversity of Canada is extremely advantageous. The Quebecers are unaware of the real situation and consequences of separation and therefore the province is unprepared to become its own country. The battle between Anglo and Franco Canadians has been dragging on for decades8 and the conflict has always been about cultural and linguistic differences. If Canada can overcome this conflict it will be an even greater country. The separation of Quebec from Canada is a concept that is full of flaws and lacks thought.

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