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John F. Kennedy Jr.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr. was born on November 25, 1960, two and a half weeks after his father was elected president of the United States and less than two months before his father was inaugurated. Three years later, that father, murdered by an assassin's bullet, was buried on John's third birthday. Twenty years after that, he graduated from Brown University on the 15th anniversary of the assassination of his uncle Robert Kennedy.

Throughout much of his life John Jr. could not walk out of the house door of his house, apartment, or dormitory without running the risk of being accosted, photographed, or asked to sign autographs. Even at three in the morning.

Being the son of a President of the United States, almost everyone knew who John F. Kennedy Jr. was. Most celebrities try to make every attempt to stay out the spotlight, but not with John. He would roller blade through the streets of New York and even go to local restaurants and cafe's. He was nothing like a snob, he would do anything for the public.

His life was full of Fame, love, and accomplishments until the night of July 16, 1999 when His wife, Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, Lauren Bessette, and himself died tragically in a plane crashed into the Atlantic Ocean.

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