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Gregg Giasson

U.S. History

Period B


The most important event in U.S. History in my opinion would be Washington s escape from the British Army at New York. This event changed the course of U.S. History because it was the closest the movement for freedom came to being crushed.

It all started when Washington and his army were waiting for the British on Long Island. He expected the British to launch a full frontal assault. He did not look at his flanks, and was heavily dug in. This would be where the U.S. defeated the British for good, or died trying.

Unfortunately the British did not come up the front; they instead launched a small frontal attack while sending men to the flank. Washington s army curled up, they had no place to go, and this was the end for the United States. Somehow though the British didn t press the attack and Washington managed to slip off the island at night without the Red Coats seeing him.

I chose the battle of Long Island because it was where America was saved from the brink of disaster. If Washington had failed to get the Army off at night, or the British had pressed the attack, poof, no America. It may have not been the bloodiest, it may not have been the most exciting, but it certainly was the most important date in American History

In my opinion Samual Adams was the most important man in American history. There may be a lot of men that are better known, but they all came because of the great rabble-rouser himself. Without men like Sammy there would have been no American Revolution.

In Boston Samual Adams was one of the influential people that started the Son s of Liberty. Without them nobody would have stolen the ballast from a British ship, or raided Fort William-Mary. If those hadn t been stolen the British would have never marched on Leton and Concord, and the Revolutionary war would not have happened.

Maybe he was a man of coincidence, or maybe he knew what he was doing, but however you look at it Sam Adams was a big part in America gaining its independence. Without his Washington would have never fought the Brits. Without him the Civil War would have never happened, because we might still be under British control

Sam Adams was the most important man in American History. It s all caused directly and indirectly because of him, and if I could meet him I would thank him greatly.

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