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Leon Trotsky's most well known attributes to the Russian Revolution were his relationships with the working men, the non-proletarian population of the cities, the educated groups, and the army. He was one of the founders of the Soviet state. He was the son of a prosperous Jewish farmer. Trotsky was born near Yelizavetgrad in the Ukraine on October twenty-sixth, Eighteen Seventy-Nine.

He was arrested in Eighteen Ninety-Eight and later sent to Siberia. There he became a committed Marxist and a member of the Social Democratic party. He escaped to Swtzerland in 1902 with a forged passport where he joined other Social Democratic exiles. In 1903, when the party split, he opposed Lenin's tenet of a centralized party with it's implication of dictatorship and declared himself with the Menshevik faction.

Leon Trotsky returned to Russia during the revolution of 1905 and was a prominent leader of the insurgents in St. Petersburg. Again, he was exiled to Siberia, Trotsky also again escaped and went abroad. He remained a Menshevik until 1917, although he elaborated an individual interpretation, based on Marx, of the future of the revolution in Russia. This postulated the "Permanant Revolution," during which the revolt of the middle classes would merge with that of the working classes. Meanwhile, the workers rebellion against capitalism spread around the world.

In March 1917, the czar was overthrown, and he hurried home from New York. His power dwindeled in 1922. The soviet union alleged that he had formented a huge anti-Soviet plot, and, in consequence, his former followers were tried and most of them executed during the "Moscow treason trials" in 1936-1938.

On August 20th, 1940 Trotsky was stabbed in his home. He died the next day. His assassin was Ramo'n Mercader, a Spanish Communist agent.

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