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Since the Soviet Union was destroyed, little republics were formed. Life became very different for many people and this very moment. All those little republics became on their own. They had their own government and their own rules inside the borders of their countries. Let s take a look at one of those countries, it s president, laws and crimes, and economy and compare it to America.

Belarus or White Russia is how many people call it, is a very small republic which is located between Poland and Ukraine. After the end of the Soviet Union, Belarus was fine. People didn t have any problems at all. It was like that for couple of years. A president whose name is Alexander Lukoshenka was elected. Soon he became a dictator making his own rules and doing whatever he wants; however, many people still liked him.

Since Alexander Lukoshenka was elected and a little bit further before that it was very unsafe on the streets. To control the crime there was not enough police or maybe the police wasn t doing anything. The crime in the country was rising very quickly.

Also political instability occurred. Laws were changed very often as well as the flag of the republic spending money of the taxpayers. Inflation occurred leaving many people with out enough money to buy food to live; however, many people found ways to get rich. They started their business making a lot of money. Not a long time ago the president saw this and took away all the rights and ways to become rich. Now people have no chance. He made a law that prohibits you from selling goods for more than they legally suppose to cost. If you disregard this law, you will be forced to go to jail for at least 2 and a half years.

Following from all this election started making no sense because it didn t matter how people voted he was still the president. People s voices weren t and still aren t heard.

Many people are very unhappy of the laws that being made. People tried to assassinate him more than 8 times already. Alexander Lukoshenka was elected as the president of Republic of Belarus until the end of his life. The sad thing is that he doesn t show any signs of changing his behavior to a better way.

Unlike Belarus, America is a very stabilized country. Almost everybody makes enough money to buy themselves a good and a happy living. There aren t many homeless people. When you go on the street in the middle of a night in America, you should never feel afraid because police is everywhere and there isn t much crime. Unlike Belarussians, Americans have rights to kick the president out of the White House and tell him that they don t like him. Unlike in Belarussians, Americans have a very good president and their economy is going up. They live their happy lives and they should be proud of the country they live in.


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