The Short Happy Life Of Francis Macomber Term Paper

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In The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber , Hemingway tries to show the

relationship between men and women by showing the interactions that two people share

in a failed marriage. The two characters, Francis and Margaret Macomber, have their

differences and only remain together for social reasons. The two of them are separated

however when Margaret shoots Francis in the back of the head.

The first signs of their anger towards each other is when they have a quick debate

when Margaret returns from sleeping with Wilson. During the conversation, Francis says

you are a bitch. Which Margaret quickly retorts with and your a coward. The fact

that Margaret can cheat on Francis then shoot down his male ego, shows how much she

hates him, and tells us that she is indeed capable of killing him if the chance so arised..

The second thing that shows how short her temper is when provoked is when she

is angry because Francis just now got his courage and is now a man (from the eyes of

Hemmingway at least) after she already showed her anger towards him and now he has

the strength to leave her. She sees that and becomes angry, the first sign is when she says

looks like it was a little too late and his response is not for me and she realizes that

he is done with her. So she becomes angry and when they chase down the buffalo she

says Didn t know that you were allowed to shoot them from the cars and Wilson

quickly answers with we never shot them from the cars , he too was frightened that she

would tell on him to get even with them. She gets pleasure out of knowing that Wilson

feared her, it shows how devious she is and capable of harboring thoughts of getting even

with her husband by killing him.

At the end of the story, she shoots her husband, and even Wilson knows that she

did it, he says that was a pretty thing to do all she could say is stop it and then he

says he would have left you, you know and she couldn t answer. She knew that she

would get away with the murder of her husband.

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