Arc De Triomph Term Paper

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Jeremy Crowe 15 Arch de Triomphe The famous Arch de Triomphe was a monument of all the battles Napoleon won during his rein in France. The Arch was dedicated to Paris in 1836. The designer of the Arch was a man named named Jean Francois-Therese Chalgrin. The designer wanted it to be an impresive Arch so he made the arch 165 feet high and 145 feet long. And on the Arch he ingraved the names of Napoleons generals. The Arch also has the names of the battles his army won, engraved on stone shields which were built into the impresive arch. On the inside of the arch, Napoleon had statues and sculptures of Napoleons victories. For awhile the Parisian goverment has been flying a huge French flag under the arch. On the outside of the Arch there is the tomb of the unknown solider which was placed beside the magnificent Arch so all people could see the victories and defeats of france, so all the people could see the lives it took to shape the famous city of Paris and to remember the people who died to make it possible.

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