British Occupation Term Paper

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June 17, 1775

Today, we, the patriots, suffered a great loss but a great victory. The taxation without representation and the battle of Leton and Concord all led up to the event of this afternoon. We, today, showed our hatred and un-trust toward the British. Two days ago we learned of British plans to occupy Dorechester Heights. So last night, men from Cambridge, New England, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island got together to form a "crude army." We suprised the British by fortifying Breed's Hill. Breed's Hill was better position against British ships than Bunker Hill.

At dawn this morning, British soldiers astonished by our night movements opened fire on us but only for 20 minutes. Then around 3:00pm, a line of British soldiers with unloaded muskets came toward. They had orders not to fire until they see the "white's of our eyes."

So we fired first. The smell of gun powder, blood, and death filled air. Cries of pain could be heard through the explosions. In the end, British took the hill but we suffered far less causalities. We had proven that we would stand up to the British. Rumor, is that George Washington is planning an attack on Dorchester Heights soon.



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