Adolf Hitler And The Nazi Party Term Paper

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From 1920-1945 a political Party known as the Nazi party ruled Germany. It was lead by a man how would eventually come to be the Chancellor of Germany, a man who the German people would worship and post his picture next to those of Jesus Christ. This man was a powerful speaker, a speaker who would leave you bewildered, who would make you get up and fight on his side. His name was Adolf Hitler.

From a boy who lived as an artist on the streets of Vienna, from a boy who never held a steady job aside from his time as a Soldier in World War I, grew a leader that would eventually lead the Great War machine, which was Germany. He would solve the Nations problem of unemployment, increase the low economy, give the German people no matter how poor or rich a education and a basic welfare, and solve the so called problem of Racial Impurity.

Adolf Hitler since he was a young had great oratorical skills. He always taken a interest in politics. A quote from Hitler s book Mien Kampf :

At an early age I had become a political Revolutionary ..I had a strong nationalistic instinct. He has he got older would always visit political meeting and random political parties but it was not until in his thirtieth year in 1919 as member of the German Workers Party were Hitler began a frenzied effort to Make this party succeed in it s goal.

The party had little members, not many over 10. So they began organising public meetings. Hitler organised the pamphlets for the event. On the night October the 16th ,1919 100 or odd so people turned up. Little did they know they were watching the beginning of a new political party who would eventually rule Germany.

Hitler that night delivered a speech for 30 intense minutes, astounding the crowd with a highly emotional, almost hysterical speech. For it was on this night the Nazi party was born.

The Nazi Party still at the time using the name The Germans Worker Party held more and more public meetings, the number of members being recruited was extraordinary.

On the 24 of the 2nd 1920 Hitler entered a hall in Munich only to reveal two thousand people. They were anxious to hear if Hitler was really what they raved on about. So he began talking when he outlined the German Workers Parties Twenty Five points which were the aims of the Party. Afetr he delivered this part of the speech the crowd stood up and cheered Hitler on.

In the summer of 1920 hitler invented a symbol which would allow the party to be recognised. He also changed the name to National Socialistic Geman Workers Party or Nazi for short.

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