Why we cannot submit Plagiarized work to clients Term Paper

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Clients come to your company to purchase or order academic papers which are often time requirements in their respective schools. Clients come because some of them have limited time to accomplish multiple school requirements, thus they seek the help of your writers. A client on his part would want to receive a paper that he himself would have written. Meaning, it requires original ideas or properly cited ad digested works of others. To submit plagiarized work to clients is tantamount to saying that the company has no integrity and that the company does not engage itself in respecting intellectual property rights of other people.

Academic papers are tests of a person’s intellect, and ability to comprehend and digest for himself the available voluminous amount of references in the world. To simply cut and paste ideas of other people in the papers that we produce for clients would put the company I jeopardy as well as the client in jeopardy of disciplinary if not criminal prosecution. The client relies on the reputation and integrity of the company that is why they choose your company to help them write papers for themselves. If the work that we are to submit are mere plagiarized works of others, perhaps the client would think that he would have been better off writing for himself, or worse commissioning another to write for himself.

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