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First we consider the general question: What are the uses of language, both spoken and written? The issue is put in the plural, not "What is the use of language?" but "What are its uses?" because this is a case where undue simplification sidesteps all the interesting issues. Nothing is clarified, for example, by such assertions as "language is for communication" or "language is used to convey information." There are many instances when language is used for

email: [email protected] Writing An essay is a literary composition. The purpose of a good formal essay is to try out an idea, thesis, or opinion, within the confines of a proper literary composition. To do this successfully one must know their topic, formulate a thesis, and finally write the essay. For some, the prospect of having to write a formal essay can be dreadful. Essay writing, however, is made easy when one realizes that it is a logical process that can be broke

Standardized Essay Writing: An Inhibitory Process At any given time, spread out around the world, there are English professors falling asleep as they grade writing assignments. A mind numbing, insanely boring essay rests beneath the semi-conscious professor s head, collecting drool, as he or she struggles to grade an essay devoid of any thought. Debatably needless and unwanted, standardized essay writing was put into use in order to help students write coherently and with purpose. However,

A Summary/Response of “Writing For Me” I once knew a man by the name of Barbarous Gray. He felt that it was his duty to rip apart every piece of literature, or text for that matter, to get down to the bottom of what the author was trying to say. And, when I had an assignment to write a reading essay my thoughts immediately floated to his words, “In writing a reading essay, one must first describe the story, then he must rip apart every fiber of the story until he feels he has s

Women's Writing Changes Women's writing styles have changed over the years as women's roles have changed in this world. The more that woman's roles have changed the more that their writing changes. There are many reasons to account for the changes in women's writing. At first, in the early years, women were not even allowed to be writers. After women were allowed to become writers, they didn't write about what interested them, they wrote about what about what would interest men. Wo

Writing a paper on the writing process is pretty hard. The writing process is different from one person to another. You come across questions like, What exactly is the writing process? and Must you follow one persons writing process if yours is different? This is where I came across the answer to my questions, write however you wish to write. If one person likes free write first and another person likes to write a draft first, let them do how they please. The writing process is something

Ever since my earlier years, I have thought best with a pen in my hand. I am a writer, and when I write, I am in integral peace. Writing is a time for me to relent and compose my thoughts, as I absorb my own unveiled reflections. It is a time when I can be alone, and appreciate every second of it. I love to write. It is my harmony.Writing is freedom. It is beauty, expression, and truth. It is art. Writing is a way for me to clarify my thoughts. I write when I am downhearted and w

There are more and more people learning English as a second language in this global village today. For example, if people want to make American friends, people might need to write letters in English. If people want to work at an American company, they might need to be able to write in English. Having an ability of writing in English is helpful for people in their work and life. Therefore, it is important to learn how to write correctly in English. There are three steps to improve wri

Writing Life The book we had to read by Annie Dillard, The Writing Life, talks about a woman who has gone though various times in her life when she would be inspired by something, and she would write it down. This book wasn’t really appealing to me. I thought that Annie was going to explain how she went about writing, and what were her struggles. Instead, she starts out telling the read how to write a story and how the words should flow. Dillard uses a lot of metaphors in her w

The Author to Her Book In The Author to Her Book by Anne Bradstreet, the author connects the strife of raising a child and creating self-satisfying writing. Bradstreet s tone is filled with contempt and criticism towards her offspring . She scorns her writing for its incapability to be faultless. However, Bradstreet still takes pride in her work and desires to mend the faults found within her creation. Bradstreet does not just give up entirely; she tries to solve her problem. Anne Bradst


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