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ABD - all but dissertation. Has there ever been a shorter, more pronounced curse in the history of man other than the single word to "die?" Three brief letters standing between you and your doctorate degree. Perhaps you don't have any idea of what to even write about. The final dissertation is perhaps the ultimate benchmark of your academic endeavors; the final hurdle in your race to gain knowledge. You have already completed all the essays, research papers and theses, yet the pole vault dissertation event stands between you and your final destination. Even after all the writing the student has done, the completion of a dissertation is, for some reason, considered the hallmark of a student's academic achievements; the final proof that they have learned the lessons of their chosen degree.

The Challenge of Dissertation Writing

It is not uncommon for a student to have completed his entire parcel of coursework and then take months to complete his or her dissertation. A typical dissertation can run 35 to 40 pages or more, not including citations, and take days or even weeks of hardcore research. And even before that the student must typically gain the approval of an instructor or professor on the topic they are going to write about in the first place. Although most written assignments have absolute deadlines, dissertation deadlines are usually more flexible. Time considerations are not quite as pressing, though finding time for your research and dissertation writing can still be a challenge due simply to the complexity that dissertations demand. Even with dissertations, however, academic instructors are seldom compassionate when students come to them with problems, feeling that by the time a student reaches this level they should be able to write about anything quickly and effectively. This is not always true. Not everyone develops the writing skill to effectively prepare a dissertation. Throw in how many students have the complications of careers and families by this point and it is not difficult to see why dissertations can become such a thorn in their side.

Assistance is Available

But where is a student to turn for assistance? Our company is always ready to assist you in the preparation of your academic dissertation, custom writing each according to your requirements. We do not utilize pre-packaged materials like so many of our competitors. Each assignment is custom prepared from day one of the research to the final, completed document. We strive to never disappoint our clients in the speed, quality and reliability of our services. Since each of our writers is a dedicated professional, you can be assured that your assignment will receive the care and attention required. Each writer is also skilled in the necessary research techniques and citation styles to meet or exceed your expectations. By carefully selecting highly skilled writers from those who apply, we have built a staff dedicated to writing excellence that writes as much for the love of writing as for the humble payments from our clients.

Our Spirit of Competition and Excellence

Many of our past clients return for additional work, frequently requesting a specific writer due to their past experiences. Our writers consider this a high compliment regarding their talent and care in preparing each clients assignment. With our client feedback system, clients can rate the skill and proficiency of each writer. Among the writers, keeping high scores on this feedback is a matter of personal pride. As such, each writer is constantly seeking ways to improve their writing style and abilities. The real winners in this competitive environment are you, our distinguished clients. As a part of this quest for excellence, many of our writers have turned to cutting edge software to assist with the preparation of client assignments. Some writers are utilizing mind-mapping programs and databases to collect, organize and track research information and citations, reducing the chance of overlooked or improperly cited information, cutting the prospects of plagiarism occurrences to a fraction of our competitors rates. Add to this the voluntary use of plagiarism detection software by our writers (our staff also performs this check independently, by the way) and the odds of accidental plagiarism incidences drop to almost zero.

Why Our Staff Does This

Our staff is comprised of academic experts, professional writers and skilled research technicians who love their work. Most of them have either had materials written by them published in magazines and books or have been instrumental in the research for such publications, validating their ability to help you with your writing needs. Although most of them earn far more in their other writing and research work, their love for the work translates to a willingness to use their valuable time to assist young students like you in achieving their academic goals. Many times we are asked about what distinguishes us from the dozens - nay, hundreds - of other custom essay and writing services that have appeared on the Internet in the past few years. The truth is, we care about you and your academic future. In part this means that we put your academic standing ahead of profit concerns. Our company is building a solid reputation in the industry for the high quality research and writing standards we expect from our writers while keeping in mind that many of our clients are on limited budgets. Although we strive for perfection in each assignment we write, we are also realistic. Companies that guarantee a perfect "A+" paper every time should be viewed with extreme suspicion. In truth, no one can make such a guarantee due to the often fickle nature of academic professors in their grading standards. In summary, our company has the talented and dedicated writers necessary to make the preparation of your dissertation a resounding success. With each paper being custom written to your specifications, you can be almost guaranteed an exceptional grade. And if you should ever need or desire a revision on any paper, our dedicated writers will make it happen until you are satisfied.

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