The Presentation Task

Students today are under so much pressure to perform under superhuman deadlines by their instructors that there is almost no way they can keep up. One of the more demanding tasks is the student oral and visual presentation. Preparation for presentations is a combination of research and writing identical to essay, term paper or report writing and the organization and preparation of visual aids which are then used to present the researched topic to their instructor or class. With the added development of visual aids, presentations are substantially more complex than common written assignments. Today's classrooms are high-stress environments, often putting students under stress levels far beyond anything they might experience in real life, unless their office is in the middle of a combat zone. Instructors generally want their students to learn time management and therefore set deadlines that put severe pressure on their students. Although time management is a critical skill in today's world, this technique is akin to a mother bird pushing its chicks out of the nest to teach them flying ... over an active lava field. Time management is something that must be taught, it does not develop spontaneously. Additionally, the combined loads from the student's classes frequently leave them no time for recreation, work, or family. Students are naturally stressed over these issues. Thankfully, there is relief from this unintentional insanity. Companies like ours provide assistance in the preparation of many assignment types, including presentations. PowerPoint presentations, as most are today, require much more than simple research and writing. They are a combination of those mixed with artistic flair and dynamic organization of the information to be presented. Many of our writers are skilled and talented at providing PowerPoint presentations to our clients.

The Threat of Plagiarism

Many people ask how we can brag about so many clients who seek our help with their projects and presentations. The answer is simple: quality. Our presentations are original works for each and every client. Our writers are careful to avoid copying verbatim from other sources to avoid plagiarism. With presentations extra care must be taken. Many of our competitors attempt to use canned presentations without any changes to save time on their end, exposing you to possible accusations of plagiarism. All academic instructors recognize plagiarism as a form of academic dishonesty and have no reservations of failing you over plagiarized PowerPoint presentations. Another major problem with using some of our competitors is overall quality. Many of them employ writers in Eastern Europe, Asia and even the Middle East for whom English is a second language. You can usually detect these companies by blatant language errors on their websites such as obviously misspelled words that are not commonly misspelled, mixed syntax (word orders that make little to no sense in English), or words that simply do not fit in the context of the sentence. Additionally, be wary of any site claiming “quality awards,” claiming an entirely Doctorate-level staff or guaranteeing 100% perfect papers that are sure to get you an A+ every time. Our industry does not have “quality awards” due to the stringent privacy policies necessary for our clients. Most retired Doctorate holders work as high-paid consultants for business or government or are, in all probability, getting a good suntan on the beaches of Acapulco. As to the “guaranteed A” papers, there is no way anyone can guarantee an A+ on every paper produced. Different instructors look for different things and can be quite picky. One misplaced citation or confusing sentence could deduct significant points from your grade. Companies making these kinds of claims are frauds, telling you pretty lies in order to get your money. Do yourself a favor and avoid them like you would a rabid dog!

Quality Assurance Software

Our writers work hard to avoid plagiarism. To assist them in this powerful up-to-date software is utilized including plagiarism detection and mind-mapping, as well as PowerPoint itself, of course. Mixed on occasion with graphic design software, the programs enable our writers to track information sources, maintain citation records and organize presentation data before the first PowerPoint slide is touched. And if your assignment calls for an "Internet" presentation (i.e. a website), don’t worry. We have several highly skilled content developers and web designers on tap as well. In fact, one of them even helped us expand the very website you are reading now. I think that gives you some idea of the trust we have in the abilities of our writers. The software, combined with the care and attention our writers give each project, insures the client will receive only top-notch work. The wide diversity of skills possessed by our writers also allows enormous flexibility in how your presentation can be prepared. If you should choose to do your own PowerPoint but need our help in preparing the source material, we can accommodate that as well. Upon request written assignments can be delivered to you in outline form to speed its incorporation into your PowerPoint presentation. Naturally such an outline would include appropriate citation notes as well for your use. This outline form can also be used to write assignments other than PowerPoint, of course.

Why Use Us?

Our company prides itself on being one of the leading providers of quality academic and professional assignment, including professional quality presentations. With many of our writers being fully versed in the preparation of such presentations, our company is rapidly building just such a reputation. And our writers are not above sharing on assignments. It is not uncommon for writers to ask for a project to be "split" with one writer providing the research and base material writing and the other incorporating the information into the PowerPoint presentation, allowing each to focus on their individual talents and ensuring you receive the best presentation possible. Remember, however, that this process requires slightly more time so you should adjust your deadline expectations accordingly. And remember, if you are ever dissatisfied with any aspect of the presentation, our writers are more than willing to accommodate your desire. They are avid professionals who have your best interest at heart while preparing your presentation. When you look good, they look good!

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