T: Hey, Sarah … what's with the long face?
S: Hey, Tom, my professor just told us to do a book review for class on the book “The End of America.”
T: That’s not a big problem, why do you look so worried?
S: I’m really not sure where to begin. The professor said he wanted a book review, not just a book report. What’s the difference between a book report and a book review?
T: That's a good question. Let’s go see the resource advisor for some help.
S: Good idea, let’s grab some lunch first, I’m starved.

What is a Review?

Believe it or not, conversations like that one are all too common on college and university campuses across the country. Few students understand the subtle differences between many assignment types. Let’s see if we can clear things up a bit. Reviews are another type of writing assignment that is becoming familiar to students everywhere. They are common in all disciplines, requiring the writer to peruse the materials (article, book, movie, etc) and then accurately report its plot and/or content, helping readers of the review to decide if they want to see, read, listen to or participate in the event or creative work reviewed or to examine the reviews on a given topic, issue or question. A review, in short, allows them to summarize and gain an understanding of the significance of a particular work or event. Many mistakenly think a review is simply another name for an abstract. A review is much more. Though abstracts are another type of summary, they do not establish the context of the covered materials or offer any guidance as to the material’s significance. Review writing is the process of analysis and summarization of materials on a given topic. Reviewing does not normally including personal opinions regarding the material outside of the significance it holds within its topic. A review is an overview of the inferences, attainments and contents of the material to provide an understanding of the contents and of the consequences the information implies over the domain to which it belongs. Review writing requires a high level of summarization and paraphrasing skill. The reviewer must present a generalized overview or summary of the evaluated materials without going into any level of significant detail. The review is therefore the collection of the original author's thoughts and evaluations and avoids as much as possible any inclusion of the reviewer's personal response to the subject materials.

The Four Common Review Types

There are four common types of reviews typically encountered in an academic or social environment: the book review, a literature review, movie reviews, and article or research reviews. Each of these has particular demands unique to their review purpose. Let's take a brief look at each of them to gain a better understanding. Let's take the first type, a typical book review. Book reviews provide the reader with a summary of the information within based strictly on the reviewer's perspective. It doesn't give plot details (if the book is fictional) or chapter-by-chapter content lists (if nonfiction) but instead focuses on a "big picture" summarization of the book. The reviewer gives only enough detail, essentially, to wet the reader's appetite or to discourage him or her, should the book, from the reviewer's perspective, be of limited entertainment value or relevance to its topic. Literature reviews are close-kin to book reviews but provide a broader overview of the current knowledge or thinking on a given subject by examining a wider range of materials available on the topic or question. Such overviews can appear independently or as part of another document. A literature review is referred to as a "discursive prose," meaning it is used to establish the informational context in which the research results or topic discussion will be presented later in the document rather than simply listing and summarizing the existing materials. The literature review not only informs the reader of the existence of previous materials, but seeks to establish an understanding of how they fit into the overall picture of the topic. The literature review typically presents the most recently available information on the topic and is useful for understanding the rest of the document in which it appears. This type of review, in particular, requires excellent summarization and paraphrasing skills. Being perhaps the most well known type of review movie reviews provide an overview of a movie's content and plot, offering a level of criticism. To properly prepare such a review one must not only search available analysis performed by others, but also view the movie personally to give a direct opinion of it. In reviewing a movie, the reviewer takes into account in idiosyncrasies of the work such as director input, acting quality, realism and continuity. Some believe this is the most difficult type of review, but I would personally place it as comparable to literature reviews in complexity. An article review provides a summary of the article or a topical listing of articles along with a reviewer's reflection and general significance analysis. Topical listings are usually used in an overview of the changes, discoveries or events over time presented in a discursive prose style, meaning that it establishes the overall content, context and interpretational nature of the articles being listed. Article reviews can be performed as independent papers, analyzing the history of a given topic or the significance of a single article, or as part of another document, helping to establish the context in which the new document is presented. What We Can Do To Help As you can see, writing reviews can get pretty complicated, depending on the purpose for and type of review being prepared. Our company is well equipped to help. Our highly qualified writers are dedicated to making your educational and professional life easier by supplying reliable, high quality writing services of all kinds. The hiring of ghostwriters to perform reviews is commonplace in our society today and the ease of hiring them today is incredible. Through agencies like ours, students and professionals alike have instant access to hundreds of qualified, professional writers, freeing up valuable time in preparing the review or in hunting for the assistance of an affordable ghostwriter. Our writers are avid professionals who love the art of writing. By using our services, you can be assured of the quality you will receive. We utilize state of the art software and techniques in the preparation of each and every assignment including plagiarism detection and prevention. When you entrust your project to us you can sit back and relax, letting us take care of your task. Then you can bask in the warm knowledge that you will have an authentic, original and professional review ready to be turned in shortly.

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